The Otomedius Excellent Special Edition You Can Take To Bed

Konami is releasing a special edition version of Gradius-meets-boobs shoot 'em up Otomedius Excellent. It features a bonus rarity for North American retail releases, a two-side pillowcase with busty cartoon girls printed on it. For the record, this is what it looks like.

The special edition also packs in an Otomedius art book and soundtrack, which you can see obscuring the titillating artwork emblazoned upon the pillowcase above. Please consider buying it so that Konami will give us another Gradius or at the very least another Parodius.

The simpler, game-only version of Otomedius Excellent will retail for $US29.99. The Special Edition will be available for $US49.99. Both should ship on July 19 on these shores.


    Parodius was so cool. I miss you, octopus.

    By past experience anything as extra heavy as this will be region locked and not released in Oz

    *Me Gusta*

    really now?

      highly possible, but I want that pillowcase

    Now here's my question... is it region locked? T_T

    I wanted to grab Agarest War Limited ed ages ago as well stupid region lock put a dampener on that =(

      I want to know too.
      Deathsmiles was a fair disappointment when it finally did get a PAL release, so I'm hoping we can finally get Otomedius to make up for it.

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