The PlayStation-Branded 3D Display

Want a 3D display? How about a 3D display with PlayStation logo on it? Today at Sony's E3 press conference, the electronics giant unveiled a PlayStation branded 3D display.

The 24-inch display is specifically developed for PS3 owners, and according to Sony, it is perfect for dorm rooms and family rooms. Thanks to stereoscopic glasses, the display can show two different images to players, instead of split screens.

The monitor is bundled with 3D glasses, a 1.8m HDMI cable and Resistance 3 - over $US150 in value just for the accessories, Sony said.

The bundle is priced at $US499, with extra 3D glasses retailing for $US69.99. The PlayStation 3D display will go on sale later in the year.


    $499 for 24" is pretty pricey, but the two player fullscreen mode is a nice, if a little late, idea.
    Hopefully all their 3D bravias will be able to do the same.

    colour me intrigued...
    specs, i need specs godamn it!!!

      huh, 24" !?

      Intrigue redacted.

    Sounds like a great deal my dreams of owning a quality 3d tv without the pricetag have been answered .. only downfall is the size have to play like a pc and use my big lcd for non 3D gaming

    2 player fullscreen splitscreen scares and confuses me. I will be insanely impressed when that comes out.

    But it's a lot of money for a small monitor.

    Great idea the only problem is the size. Own a heap of current and old consoles stretching back to the atari 2600 and I am in the market for a dedicated games room TV now that I've moved into a house with a dedicated games room.

    But 24" is only good for single player or this 2-in-one fullscreen multiplayer. It's useless if i want to plug in my xbox and have more than one person play. And who wants to sit back on the couch and watch blu-ray movies on a 24".

    I will wait for either a larger size or I will just buy a regular screen.

    Love the idea and the tech, but I would rather pay a bit more and get a 40 inch+ model. With 24 inches, it wouldn't be much difference to play split screen on a 40 inch

    Main feature (aside form the PS logo) is ability to do split screen nicely, implying multiplayer... yet only comes with one pair of glasses... Well done, Sony.

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