The PlayStation Network Is Back In Action

As promised, and after over a month of downtime following attacks by hackers, Sony's PlayStation Network has now returned to full operability.

This means that not only can players engage in multiplayer, but you can finally once again access things like the PlayStation Store as well.



    i know you're as excited as the rest of us Luke, but two articles less than an hour apart?

    jumped the gun a little before huh?

    now no one will read my posts on the 1st article *sad face*

      "now no one will read my posts on the 1st article *sad face*"

      I know it's silly but I sometimes feel that way too

    Let's see how those hackers go against the fully armed and operational battle station


      So is it really really back? I can haz rock band DLC plz?

      fully armed and operational *play *station (tm)

    It's back, I finally got all my Mortal Kombat DLC downloaded and installed, background downloading 4 demos... Now to wait for that "Welcome Back" thing to activate and I'll be golden

    Its still throwing up errors like mad but its distinct progress. Chances are its an eager fan based DDOS with everyone looking for their free stuff

    Any word on how that'll be redeemed?

      Yeah still getting a few random errors in store but I've managed to get 4 demos on the DL. Infamous 2 yeah! reports that it's still offline?

    PSN Germany still offline

    Free Burnout Paradise for plus members. Wow. Free Pain. Free Magic The Gathering. Wow. Just a few errors like everyone says

    got the error code, has it crashed already, or just filled with everyone downloading at the same time?

      It's the later. I've noticed errors in some higher volume areas such as demos and add-ons and less drag in themes.

    There are a lot of "excess server load" errors at the moment with millions of people playing catch up on content. You can either keep trying or wait a day or so for things to calm down

    The "Welcome Back" package is NOT available yet. Which sucks but I'm guessing we'll have it by the end of next week. I hope we get the Duke Nukem demo next week

    How do I get my free games? Also my ps store keeps getting connection time out errors.

      they havent put that part up yet. You may have noticed that the content promised as part of the Welcome Back offer is not yet live," said Chen. "It is currently in the final stages of testing and will be available to download soon; we'll be sure to let you know when."

    DAMN. I had my money on the 3DS shop >_>

    Why is my PlayStation not working all it keeps saying is error. what do i do?

      Sell it n buy a ps3 :p

      Found it funny everyone's like it's back etc... Errors all over the shop... Lol

      just keep trying in rapid succession and it'll work.

    Thank christ for that!

    Just jumped on and grabbed all my free PS+ goodies.. Man, Burnout Paradise is such an awesome thing to give away, shame i've already got it.. And what a coincidence seeings as i started playing through it again around a week ago..

    Already grabbed the new demos (except inFamous2.. never really got into the franchise)..

    And last but not least, just bought Outland and it's installing as i'm typing this.. Really looking forward to that one..

      I'm with you on that one. Burnout Paradise is brilliant! I've got it on Xbox but will definitely be picking up the PS3 seeing as it's free! =D

    Naturally the one thing to soften the blow of having the PSN down is not there. The welcome back pack. Honestly some serious morons must be working at Sony. The one thing you don't do to a bunch of angry impatient gamers is promise something and then not deliver it at launch/relaunch. I have a bad taste in my mouth Sony. It will be a long time till i buy next PS3 game, i can assure you of that.

      Just sell your ps3 man. Sounds like life is way too hard for you. Whinge bag.

        Couldnt have said it better Dansdans. Sounds like he's the type still waiting for the next Virtual Boy update too!

      Could you imagine how much more the servers would be clogged if they pushed the welcome back package live right away?

      Think about it.

    Just tried from my PSP, it is still NOT working

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