The Pokedex 3DS Walkthrough

A Pokémon: Black and White Pokédex is included in the latest 3DS system update. YouTube user CuddleofDeath gives a walkthrough, showing the various features and highlights.


    cool. i'd just like to say that i'm typing this on my 3ds :)

    well, safe to say this is probably a sign of what's to come in the first rpg pokemon game on the 3DS..fully 3d pokemon models! goodbye 2d sprites!

    Just saying. The video thing or whatever it is makes your pokemon do the same action as the a button. Thats it.

    :3 Wow, thank you guys for posting my video on this site. I was not expecting it to get linked on an external site. I truly am flattered. Also, thanks for anyone who watched it as well (of course) ^.^



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