The PS Vita From A Variety Of Angles

It's no longer the NGP. Call Sony's PSP successor PS Vita. Sony released a variety of publicity photos that show the upcoming portable from a variety of angles.

As Kotaku previously posted, the PS Vita will be available in Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi models for $US249 and $US299.

In Japan, the Wi-Fi model is priced at ¥24,980, and it's €249 in Europe. The 3G/Wi-Fi model is ¥29,980 and €299.

The PS Vita will successively launch in the global market at the end of 2011.


    Here are some names off the top of my head at random that are better (or maybe just as bad) than "PSP Vita"...
    1. PSP Evo
    2. PSP Next
    3. PSP Aurora
    4. PSP NGP (even the code name is better)

    I hate to think how much money was spent coming up with "Vita".

      PS Aurora?

      Lol, that rolls right of the tongue

      How bout PSP2 - ya know, how like the PS2 and PS3 are named?
      End of the day its only a name and most likely gonna be called PSP still. Companies don't really NEED to come up with a new name all the time, its the brand of Playstation or Xbox that stands out. True, the Wii is an exception just like more people would say 360 than its full name - but it still comes back to BEING a Xbox or BEING the new Nintendo console.

      As long as its worth the money with great games, I dont give a crap what its called.

        but it then looks inferior... PSP2, why bother as there is a PS3 available. sure they are two different products, but there are some people out there that think like that.

        Ultimately, people are going to start calling it a PSV, like den mentions below.

    "Vita" = "Life" in Italian
    It was named that because it enables a combination of augmented reality gaming and social connectivity, not just because someone thought it sounded cool.

      Nobody's accusing it of sounding cool. It's only out-gayed by "Wii" IMO. At least PSV sounds okay.

    Nice looking device, pity it's aesthetically ruined by the interface.

    I'm just going to call it PSV.
    Any who, I'm still a bit iffy about the OS and the bubble icons.

      Good call on PSV.

      I think that bubble OS is counter-intuitive (don't know if that's the right word, but it sounds flash). Would make more sense to have a layout where buttons, menus, etc on the touch screen are in range for your thumbs to press, when you're holding it with 2 hands.

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