The PS3 And The Xbox 360 Have Tablet Controllers, Too


    OOH SHHIIIT!!!!! 0.48 in and the PS3 and 360 both have a Wii U controller that manages to have the same functionality and much sexier looks well before the Wii U even launches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAMN!!! Iwata is gonna be PISSED!

    amazing. simply amazing.

    This would explain why so many developers are behind the Wii U, because it's essentially on every platform.

    Pretty much something for the kids. I can't imagine any adult games on here that would be interesting.

    Solypsis and Anonymouse should write for Kotaku!! With their very keen eyes they've noticed that ONE game for the Wii U that showed drawing abilities is similar to what this tablet can do and from that they've ascertained that the Wii U tablet controller can only do that and nothing else despite glaring evidence to the contrary!!

    What amazing skills of deduction!!

      A little cruel but still pretty accurate, this is hardly a Wii U replacement. However I remember seeing an article about these and someone saying 'this looks like what the new Wii controller would like' and I have to say they were pretty spot on. Whoever that was, kudos!

      go to 0.48 of the video as suggested and you will find that he/she/it was actually pretty correct -they list the features of the thing one after another.

      But reading the comments, I think they were also making fun.

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