The Shadow Of The Colossus Ending We Never Got

Game designer Fumito Ueda has tweeted a nixed ending that never made it to The Shadow of the Colossus. This is it!

Ueda storyboards his games by hand. Shame he didn't post the image at a larger resolution - not simply because I want to see how different this ending it, but rather, I'd like to look at his art.

An HD version of the game will be released this spring on the PlayStation 3.

@fumito_ueda: 昔の資料をまとめてたらワンダのエンディングのボツバー ... [Twitter]


    So from what I can tell... Wander's body is laying at the bottom of the tower, and argo is poking him with his nose?

    for myself, I am uainndebly an adult (physically, at least), and my first console was an Atari 2600 that I received as a Christmas present when my tiny hands could barely hold, let alone manipulate, that clunky joystick. I've owned just about every major console since.I'd say that I fall into the category of gamers who get just as emotionally invested in games today as I did when I was younger, but my tastes have become more discerning over the years, and the games that really get under my skin are fewer and farther between. While I'm a sucker for a good narrative, for a game to really take hold of me and not let go, it's all about the gameplay. And my gameplay tastes definitely lean toward the old school. That's not to say that I'm all about retro games. While I do enjoy the occasional throwback, like Mega Man 9, what I really get excited about are games that embrace the technology that's available today, while still providing the kind of challenge that I feel most modern games eschew in favor of accessibility. In short, I like games that force me to learn how to play them. I'm one of those crazy people who feel as though you should actually have to get better at a game in order to beat it, and I don't think very many games are made that way anymore, which is why I have a shelf full of games that I started playing, but never finished. I don't finish them, paradoxically, because I know that I can. And once I know that I can beat them, unless the narrative is so gripping that I have to know what happens (which is rare), I don't see the point in doing so. I lose interest.But I don't mean to say that my confidence in being able to beat a game is based on some inflated sense of my skills as a gamer. A game doesn't have to be tortuously difficult for me to enjoy it. Take Shadow of the Colossus as an example. I don't consider it a very tough game to beat, yet it's one of my favorite games, and one I still go back to, because it's a game that rewards you for getting better at it.A lot of games these days put you in control of a character who is a bad ass: some big dude, with a big gun, or a big sword, who is able to take down hordes of enemies with a few deft movements. But very few games make you, the gamer, feel like a bad ass, by presenting you with a challenge that at first seems insurmountable, and tasking you with figuring out how to conquer it. In Shadow of the Colossus, you're not a huge dude with a huge sword, you're a rather puny dude with a kind of puny sword, and you're being asked to take down creatures that are hundreds of times bigger than you. And each time you manage to accomplish this task, you feel good about it (putting aside whatever emotional ambiguity the game's muted narrative instills you with), because YOU did it. Because the time and effort that you put into learning the controls until they become second nature, and learning where the enemies' weak spots are and how to reach them without getting squashed, pays off. And now you are the bad ass, not the little avatar that you're controlling on the screen. He's the misguided hero, doomed to suffer for his mistakes. But you, the player, can hold your head up high for beating the game, even as you contemplate the meaning of it all. That, to me, is the mark of a truly great game.And that's about enough rambling for now.

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