The Unexpected, Excellent Descent Homage On My Xbox 360

If I told you which very modern game includes a surprise Descent homage, that'd be a spoiler.

But if you really want to see what a Descent game would look like on the Xbox 360 (or the PlayStation 3 or PC), then I suggest you watch this short clip.

It's like 1995 came back, but with much better graphics.

If you don't know what Descent is, shame on you study up. It's a PC gaming classic, a pioneering effort in 3D game graphics and free-form control. You were flying down corridors in the first-person perspective, man, and you could rotate in any direction! It came out in 1995 and spawned a few sequels. Not much since. It's about time someone brought this game back.

The Descent footage from this clip is via YouTube. The other game's footage is via my Xbox 360.


    This was covered on IGN a while back.

    Would buy a new Descent game but not the one this section appears in.

    I was considering giving the said 360 game a shot ( I wont spoil it for others , you'll have to watch the video) and now it looks like I will.
    Descent was such a fun game !

    Article probably should've mentioned that the people who made Red Faction also made Descent...

    The same flying/combat type of gameplay was also in the first Red Faction from 2001.

    Um...there was a part just like that in Red Faction 1 (as in before guerrilla) and you could still blast the rock wall then as well.

    Still awesome, more games need cockpit views, like MechWarrior's and descent. It really adds to the immersion.

    For curiosities sake i just had an idea for a Mech game played from the cockpit view but on ipad, the accelerometer could be used to rotate the torso and look around and sticks used to walk. Or perhaps even some form of Descent clone. Obviously some prototyping would need to be done to see if the controls for either would be viable but would this be something anyone would be interested in? or am i the only one that still longs for a good flying and / or mech piloting cockpit based immersible simulator? (obviously customizable components for mech and / or ship too)

    If i remember right, Descent had some badass bobbing up and down.

    Bring back the bobbing.

    Looks like a bit of a mix between Descent and Freespace honestly, the hud with the meters reminds me of that a lot.

    Its not really a homage... since Volition Inc was a direct Spin off studio of Parallax. AKA the guys who created Descent. The very people who made this may have worked on the original Descent. Outrage Inc was the other spinoff of Parallax, they made Descent 3.

    I'll just say that I really like this form of reporting. You may have been doing it for a while lately and I’ve just completely missed it, but laying your text commentary over the top of a gameplay video rather than just doing a voice over seemed pretty different and it just clicked for me. To be honest, I don’t know if it was just because I was watching the vid with the sound off as I’m at work, but still, I’d love to see more video articles like this popping up on Kotaku.

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