The Wii U Won't Blow Away Rivals

Nintendo showed an impressive Wii U tech demo at this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles.

There have been rumours that the Wii U is more powerful than current gen hardware. But when pressed, third-party developer Ubisoft struggled to explain how powerful the machine is.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto is more specific. At E3, he told GameSpot in a recently published interview that the Wii U may not "necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now". The reason for this seem to be price concerns, and Miyamoto acknowledged that at certain price points the console might not be something parents would buy for their kids.

"We're very sensitive to pricing because people have generally only a certain amount of their spending that they'll devote to entertainment," said Miyamoto, adding that the inclusion of the new touchscreen controller might be "somewhat reckless" from a pricing standpoint.

The idea for the tablet style touchscreen controller isn't a late addition, Miyamoto said.

If Nintendo can get the Wii U under $US350, it should be a success. Even if it's not significantly more powerful than the PS3 or the Xbox 360, who doesn't want to play Mario Kart at 60 frames-per-second at 1080p? Fancy new controller or not, the pretty graphics alone with sell consoles.

E3 2011: Miyamoto speaks his mind - News [GameSpot via Gamasutra]

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    I'll be fine with 1080p for a long time, even on Xbox720! Its a standard as far as I'm concerned, and ALL games running at 60FPS should be a main goal for all developers. Only PC users see the diffrence in Res, but they sit 30cm away from their screens where on a big screen 1080p sitting a few meters away evens out the view ratio, and thats a matter of fact!

    How do you expect something less powerful than the 360 and PS3 to run Mario Kart at 1080p60? There's only a small fraction of games that run above 720p30 on the two, currently.

      Its Mario Kart.. Not like you'd expect things like textures to be that crazy.

      I play Minecraft (classic) at over 100fps. I even get as high as 200fps sometimes and my computers old.

      Shiggy didn't say it would be less powerful, he said it wouldn't DRAMATICALLY outperform current offerings.

      What I read of this, is that he is extinguishing the rumours that the console will be 50% more powerful than the current gen, and will rather outperform them buy a smaller margin.

        he didnt extinguish those rumors. 50% isnt a big difference, realistically that big of a difference means that a game can run at real 1080p instead of 720p or myabe even reach 60fps instead of 30fps but still "look" relatively the same.
        personally im fine with that.
        im happy with the current level of presentation we get from console games but im not happy with the frame rates.

      Where on earth did you get "less powerful" from?

      Its not less powerful than ps3 and 360 thats how

    Honestly, and I am willing to eat my words if I am wrong, I cannot see the WiiU being a huge success.

    I grew up with and have owned all Nintendo home consoles, but this just is not jumping out and asking for my money.

    As long as it means that consoles are replaced with significantly better hardware every 5 years its fine. Besides you want cutting edge graphics you go PC not Console. Consoles will never beat PCs in that area.

      Agreed. Pc it is!

    Ah well i don't even have a HD TV so it matters naught to me :P

    I call BS on this whole thing....Shiggy says its not overly powerful because he doesn't want the price to high.....well why don't you just sell it for a loss like all the other consoles????

    I'm not actually suggesting thats what Nintendo should do, I just don't feel the love from Nintendo anymore, y'know?

    They could probably give away the first 10 million Wii U consoles and still be fine......

    what i mean to say is...why no hardrive in Wii U? you gonna tell me thats gonna drive up the price too much??? how about just don't make kajillions of dollars in profit. Give a little love back Ninty.....
    thats my rant...

      They are a business and to survive they need to profit. Unlike sony or microsoft who can absorb massive losses and offset them with other divisions within the company, Nintendo Like many other companies rely totally on the profits from all its consoles (home and portable) to survive. How Nintendo operates is no different to the majority of business' around the world. We could make the same complaint about Apple and its products, however the point of the matter is if the customers enjoy what they buy then thats all that matters, not if it has this or that, or its sold at a loss.

      Just because the others do it doesnt mean everyone should. Besides look at what trying to be cutting edge has caused for sony and microsoft - 10 year lifecycles and both companies suffering massive debts. Neither are ideal for customers or companies.

      They should leave cutting edge to PCs, and leave consoles as the convenient and affordable gaming (and media) solution. thats my take

        "Nintendo Like many other companies rely totally on the profits from all its consoles (home and portable) to survive."

        It does rely on profit to survive.
        Like all companies.

        Most of it's profit is derived from software -3rd party licensing and publishing, as well as 1st party games, and of course -the very lucrative accessories.

        Sony and Microsoft are no different to Nintendo. Except for the position Microsoft took with the very first xbox, where they were understandably willing to enter the market at the last minute with off the shelf parts at a significant short term cost, to gain a segment of the games console market and birth and grow a new product, brand and service (Xbox and Live).

        I suspect they all will be going with cheapish hardware (compared to last gen pricing) given that high spec/cost hardware does not neccessarily result in perceived performance difference, and could actually be a deterent to 3rd party multi platform games being ported, in the case of a radicaly different hardware arrangement. Brand, Marketing, Software exclusives, Price, have all proven more important than specs.

          Agreed. Bleeding edge did not directly equal market dominance or profitability, and i do think like you that Sony and Microsoft will ditch the shock and awe approach to console making.

          Look at what PCs can do today - 8 core CPU with 6 gpu (tri sli/cf dual GPU graphics cards) on 3 1080p monitors in 3d. No way can you fit that type of technology in an affordable cost effective and consumer friendly console package (not to mention the type of cooling you would need), so the attempt for consoles to be on the cutting edge of graphics is IMO over.

          Make it simple and something that consumers get alot of enjoyment out of and the rest really doesnt matter the specs or price.

      Gotta agree with Terrak here, Sony and Microsoft's gaming divisions are being supported by massive technological and software corporations, respectively. It's the only reason why the Xbox still exists, despite the Xbox division not making a profit until 2007 (yup, no profits were ever made on the original Xbox, and the 360 only made money after a year).

      Nintendo only make consoles and games, nothing else. Selling for a loss could easily bring the whole company down. Although, given the historically strong sales of their first party games it is pretty unlikely.

    He talks and talks and talks but all's I hear is "Hey check how much I've ruined gaming!"

    Cheers Nintendo. Cheers.

      ?? maybe you should get your ears checked.

    Someone tell the Author of this article to fix the last sentence xD I don't mean to be the sentence devil, but it's ...just not even a spelling error...he used with instead of will...and I'm PRETTY sure that's a mistake

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