The Witcher 2 Fighting Its Way To The Xbox 360 By Year's End

Speaking via live broadcast from the CDP Summer Days event, CD Projekt has confirmed the appearance of The Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360 this year, with "no quality compromise" made for Geralt's first journey to console land.

We knew it was coming. The ESRB told us it was coming. Now the developers confirm that The Witcher 2 is indeed being ported to the Xbox 360, with "improvements" made to make the gaming PC-eating title run respectably on the console.

During the webcast CD Projekt representatives answered the question of console quality versus PC by repeating the mantra "It's not the size of the polygons but how you use them." One of the presenters further explained that even on its lowest settings, players still enjoy The Witcher 2 for the PC, and that it was all about the experience.

"It looks absolutely amazing and stunning on console," they assured the assembled viewers, before showing an animated trailer for the game.

Hopefully we'll get a better idea of how the console version looks and plays next week at E3 2011.


    “It looks absolutely amazing and stunning on console,” they assured the assembled viewers, before showing an animated trailer for the game.


    I wonder exactly when though. If it's anywhere near Skyrim or Dark Souls then I think I'll need to clone myself to be able to play it.

      You said it, lady. Too many games, not enough time!

    The Good Game team said it was better with a controller on PC. But then they showed some of the inventory screens using a mouse and there's nothing controller friendly in their design.

    Was thinking of waiting for the 360 version before playing to avoid the crippling system reqs. But I've got a feeling it might be worth the investment to upgrade.

    Seriously, Im taking delivery of this game this week. Do I want to play it with a controller or keyboard?

      Haven't played it with a controller but mouse and keyboards feels right after a few hours. The inventories with a controller... ouch.

      Sad this isn't Witcher 3 announcement. :P But I doubt the 360 can truly run this game at high settings equal to the PC. Love to know how they are going to bring 360 owners up to speed with the story, interactive comic like ME2 on the PS3?

    No PS3 version makes me sad. :( Probably my most wanted game of the year following the DA2 letdown and my PC can't run it.

      You can run Witcher 2 really well on a $100 HD5770 at full hd.

    I've heard good things about this game, but dont have a powerful enough PC to play it. So I'm definitely checking it out when it comes to the 360.

    Just wondering though, seeing as its a sequel that boasts different paths and multiple endings how will it deal with choices made in the first game? Did they carry over for the PC? Or will there be some sort of Mass Effect 2 on PS3 style choices to choose at the start?

    This is great for me because my computer probably couldnt run it that well

    Sweet, now I can actually play this game without having to upgrade my PC :D

    Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days stugrligng

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