There Are War Games, And Then There Is ArmA III

The ArmA series can be mean, sure, but stick with them and they're also hugely rewarding. Kind of like this E3 trailer for ArmA III. Kind of.

OK, so it's not that satisfying, but you know how it looks so real? Real can be boring and unsatisfying sometimes too. Which, ironically, makes a well-made ArmA plan all the more...satisfying!


    I am an absolute huge fan of the ArmA series. Can't wait for ArmA 3.

    Now if only they put some effort into properly supporting Saitek HOTAS systems then they'd be perfect.

    Ugh, I'm sick of everybody posting this video saying it's all so realistic and everything...

    The only possibly real in game shot is MAYBE the side-on dual chopper shots... and that's still only a MAYBE.

    I've seen real screenshots and it looks slightly better than ARMA II.

    Whats the cheapest place to buy ARMA I & II ?

    Cheapest place to buy ARMA I & II is on steam - just wait for a sale. I ended up getting ARMA 2 for about $5

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