There Will Be A LEGO Star Wars 'TV Special'

Which sounds a lot like a "movie". Just that it's headed straight to TV.

Just in case you're not instantly grasping the absurdity of this, we're (probably) talking about a movie based on a video game that was based on a toy line that was based on a cartoon series that was based on a movie franchise.

Welcome to toy licensing circa 2011!

There's no further information onLEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars at this time, other than the fact it'll be out in September.

LX11: LEGO Star Wars TV Special Coming This Fall [Comingsoon, via TDW]


    Bloody hell. Whats next Mr Lucas?
    -I smiled and nodded at my head at your prequels, i even stood up for them among bitter fans. I thought the clone wars tv series had potential but this.. just brings it all crashing down.

    the emperor is dead, long live the emperor

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