There's A Gears Of War Xbox 360 Console, And It's Bloody As Hell

As you'd probably expect from a console painted in the livery of the Gears of War franchise, this limited edition Xbox 360 is not subtle.

On sale in September for $US399, the console bundle will include a 320GB unit, two custom Gears of War controllers, a copy of Gears of War 3, a coupon for some Gears 3 DLC and a wired headset.


    I like it...but seeing as I have the reach console I'll pass.

    I wouldn't mind the controller through and looks like its got the new D-pad too.

    Oh dear god I want!
    I am frothing at the mouth with so much want.

    Apparently the DLC is the same DLC you get with the Epic/limited editions.

    The weapons pack and Adam Fenix

      Oh! and apparently it has special sound effects when you switch it on or off like the Reach console.

    Wow. I really hope my console RROD's before September so I have an excuse to get one!

    My Fiance loves Gears of War, and I hate split screen now (I played the first 2 GoW full screen first time round, but since we're living together now I won't have that luxury for the third game).

    My plan is to borrow my old 32" LCD TV from my mum, buy a new Xbox since my current one will have it's warranty expire in September, buy two copies of the 3rd GoW, buy a copy of GoW 1 and 2, and return all the spare copies of the games under the 7 day return rule!

    Seeing as this console has been announced, I may seriously consider this one as my replacement, my only issue was I was planning on buying my second console before the release of GoW 3 for some GoW 1+2 co-op... if I wait for this console I won't be able to play GoW3 on release day :(


      And TWO, count them, TWO, controllers!!!

      What an.... EPIC... bundle!! :D

    Oh dear. It seems I'm the only one that doesn't really like how it looks.

    *sob sob* There goes my bank balance...

    I'll swap you my Reach console for this one?

    This will look good next to my RE5 red console.

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