These Are Japan’s Nintendo eShop Launch Games

These Are Japan’s Nintendo eShop Launch Games

On June 7, the Nintendo eShop will open in Japan, outfitted with six Game Boy title titles on the Virtual Console: Mega Man: Dr Wily’s Revenge, Kirby’s Dream Land, Baseball, Avenging Spirit, Downtown Special: Its Kunio’s Period Piece Assemble Everyone!, and Super Mario Land.

Other games include Mystery P.I., Breakout 3D and 3D Classics: Xevious. Until July 31, the Nintendo eShop will be offering Excite Bike free.

ニンテンドーeショップ [Nintendo]


  • Wow, is that all? After all that delay! I guess that means Australia’s eShop will get these 6 titles released over the next 4 months. I have really lost my faith in Nintendo. If they can’t compete competently, why not just produce games for all consoles! I sick of giving them so much credit and then receiving so little 🙁

  • When I heard about the 3DS eshop I was so pumped. Imagine all the great Game Boy games you can replay! I can finally finish Golden Sun 2! Wait, what? There’s no GBA support? Pfft, whatever, I can still play Zelda Ages and Seasons right?

    And after the delay…. these games get announced for Japan. And knowing Nintendo, that means we’ll get THESE months later. And will probably be YEARS before the real meat comes along. Sigh.

  • Yeah if we get screwed with release dates, i’m just going to trade in my 3DS, i’m barely enjoying it at the moment, and this would be enough to push me over the line

  • you guys do realise that when they release the eshop it wont just be the 6 games the said.. the 6 new games are added onto all of the Dsiware games aswell…

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