These Are The Big Games Of E3 2011

Guns. Swords. Balls. The video games of E3 2011 will have all these and much more when the industry’s annual conclave kicks off this week in Los Angeles.

There will be a staggering number of titles shown on E3’s vast floorspace. Many will release this year, some will release next year. Some are brand new ventures, others premiered at this show a year or two ago. How to keep track of it all?

This week Kotaku broke down the biggest games to be seen at E3, by genre, with a fast analysis of how they fit into the overall story of this expo. Take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with your favourites, because after Sunday, the avalanche of new announcements can overwhelm your perspective.

Kotaku will be delivering coverage throughout the week from Los Angeles, so be sure to check in and bookmark the #e32011 hashtag for fast access.

These are the Big Shooters of E3 2011, We Think

Prediction! There will be a lot of shooters (first-person and third-person) at E3 next week.

Yes, indeed. As crazy as it sounds, games that involve the rapid transferral of bullets (or lasers) from gun barrel to bad guy’s head will be as ubiquitous at next week’s E3 showcase of upcoming video games as shirtless people in a boxed set of Cops episodes.

What will these big shooters be? All of these, for starters. More »

These are the Big Role-Playing Games of E3 2011, We Think

Where would we be if there were no roles to play, no experience points to earn, and no levels to gain? Well we certainly wouldn’t be here, looking over the biggest role-playing games of E3 2011. More »

These are the Big Sports Games of E3 2011, We Think

Because of the assurance-death, taxes and Madden-that they come out every year, sports video games aren’t typically the biggest newsmakers at E3. For diehard fans, however, it is often the first time their favourite series gets a gameplay demonstration. We’ll be there to see all of these, the biggest sports games of E3 2011. More »

These are the Big Action Games of E3 2011, We Think

What’s an action game? It’s Zelda. It’s Uncharted. It’s Kirby, and it’s Tomb Raider. It’s a label for some of the coolest console and portable creations that will be at the E3 circus of upcoming video games in Los Angeles next week. More »

These are the Other Big Games of E3 2011, We Think

Sick of military shooters, third-person action adventure and grinding for experience points? There’s still something for you at E3 2011 in this, the best of the rest of the games we’re expecting to see grab our attention next week. More »

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