These Are The Wii U Games Of Your Dreams

There weren't many games shown off as part of Nintendo's Wii U reveal. Not many games actually running on the Wii U, anyway.

FIlling that void, reader Kyle and his mates put together this gallery of dream Wii U projects, some likely, some possible, maybe (at least in terms of application), and others sadly simply the stuff of fantasy.


    The sonic one is an amazing idea!! We could finally play sonic in the ONLY way we want it!

    Gotta agree, that Sonic idea could be priceless if Sega pulled it off.

    I'm more excited about the Phantasy Star Online 2 prospect, since PSO2 probably won't be out until late this year / early next the notion it might grace the Wii U would be awesome.

    Another idea: Pokemon Snap, with the controller as the camera.

    Ir really like the idea of a move list on your control screen during fight games, or the mini map for RTS's. This could (I say could, has there ever been a Nintendo RTS) revolutionise RTS's on consoles.

    Give me Okami, and I'm sold.

    Needs that Project Zero/Fatal Frame mockup I saw. The WiiU is perfect for it. Shame the series is dead and won't be coming overseas even if it does get released.

    Now all I need is a second pair of eyes attached to the bottom of my chin. I don't want to have to keep switching my view between the TV and my iPad, I mean, Wii U controller.

    If the Wii U actually *gets* games that are anywhere near as awesome as some of the ideas people are having... then I'll get one ASAP. But I'm still unsure that this awesome potential will actually be tapped like it should be.

    I'm sure we all feel like because these are cool ideas that this is necessarily how we want to play games in future, but I REALLY don't think these are that innovative at all.

    People feel the sonic example is the best here. It looks cool sure, but think about it for a moment, if you were Sega, why would you waste your time coding a big chunk of the game just so it can sit on a your big TV and have people glued to the small screen? EVEN if you could go into a menu and swap the what's on the TV to the controller, why would they bother at all in that case? They might as well spend that resource perfecting a side-scrolling Sonic game -- you know, the thing we've all been wanting this entire time?

    I thought another great example would be Call of Duty on WiiU.

    You could have the radar/UAV on the controller. You can also have killstreaks performed on TV while your controller displays what happening with your soldier. But again, it'd be superficial. No game changer here; as it stands, we see the radar/UAV quite easily with a flick of our eyes, but having the radar on the controller would mean holding your arms up the entire time you play, or tilting your head down to your lap to consult the radar, which would inevitably open you up for surprise attack.

    Neither sound very "fun" to me.

    I'm not writing it off necessarily. It's just that people seem ready to buy what's essentially an 'upgraded PS3 with an awesome controller' based on something gimmicky. Like we did with the Wii.

    Remember when people thought SIXAXIS was gonna change the way we played videogames? Yeah.

      I think the Wii U not only wants to challenge the sony and microsoft, but also has a stab at apples ipad. Sure you cant take the controller everywhere, But you can play full featured games with all the control methods at your finger tips on the new controller. You cant do that with the ipad (because the ipad doesnt have the power of the Wii U nor all the controls, and all the Wii U base unit is doing is transmitting info to the controllers screen). Its an option and by no means the ONLY way to play. They were showing what its capable of, not what will always be the case. I imagine the big games will simply make the games supposed to be for the big TV and the small screen for information. The fact is the option is there.

      If you want and idea how gaming can improve thanks the the Wii U Controller have a look at the ghost recon online concept video. You see the players dishing out orders and commands on the fly. Look at the touch screen, point where on the map you want your team mates to go. All your team mates see it on their map immediately on the controller screen. No need to press start and wade thru menus (which means your not controlling your character) and wasting time & screen real estate. The TV Screen is for Graphics, the Controller gives the information and interacting with the information. Sounds like a massive improvement from a simple idea.

      And no you dont have to hold the controller up all the time. You can have it resting in your lap and when you need to look at it you just need to look down for a few seconds - you know like checking the speed on the speedometer of the car. or looking in the rear view mirror or a GPS screen. Its not that hard people do that every day.

      If that doesnt sound fun to you? ok cool but it sounds amazing to me.

      Gimmicky? Only for the unimaginative. Upgraded ps3? Really so only sony or microsofts new consoles are absolutely new and not upgrades and Nintendos (in your mind) are the only one that 'essentially' is an upgrade. If your trying not to sound like a fanboy your not doing a good job.

      BTW nobody thought that sixaxis would change anything. You mean the Wiimote, and it did, thats why sony has move and microsoft has kinect.

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