These Are The World's Best Team Fortress 2 Short Videos

Valve's competition to find the best short films based on Team Fortress 2 is now closed, and the finalists have been selected. As you would expect given the game's talented fanbase, many of those chosen are incredible pieces of work.

The one I'm highlighting above, by Sauctaliens, is nominated in the category of Best Cinematography, which is probably the best category to start in if you're after quick bursts of eye candy.

Note, though, that to vote on the finalists at the link below you'll need to be a Steam member who owns Team Fortress 2.

Saxxy Awards [Valve]


    I found the above video quite underwhelming.

      I most certainly didn't vote for that one :S

    for the category it's in i think it's a sterling effort...the production values are far beyond what you expect from the crowdsourced.

    is TF2 the most enduring game of all time? what other five year old game gets monthly mentions in Kotaku?

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