These New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots Could Use Your Captions

Wouldn't these new Final Fantasy XII-2 screenshots be even better if you wrote captions for them? Yes, they would be better.


    welp here I go

    First two photos:

    "Dizzy. So very, very dizzy."

    For event_03.jpg:
    It really is this big.


    Because regurgitating is so much cheaper than innovating.

    "Noel. Noel Kreiss. So... how's your father?"

    Having successfully struck his enemy with a Paradigm Shift, Noel followed up with a Think Outside The Square, then a Promote Synergy attack. Sarah's Improve Productivity had little to no effect.

    More of the same.

    There is nothing that separates this game form the last one save the new characters.

    First one...

    "Macular Degeneration Foundation -- Our focus is your vision. Donate now"

    Kreiss was a character from Valkyria Chronicles. That's right. JRPGs. Even our names are recycled.

    Dynasty Warriors!

    oh, wait...

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