These Ninja Gaiden 3 Screenshots Aren't For The Squeamish

This week's Famitsu features some new screens from Ninja Gaiden 3. According to Andriasang, the upcoming article says that the game is "30 per cent complete" and will be ready for release in 2012. [Famitsu]


    Incredible detail, I want this game.

    looking forward to checking this one out


    --it's going to be banned.

      Not if R18+ gets the thumbs up over the next couple of months.
      It's a 2012 Release.

        Unless of course they do what they sound like they're doing, half of MA15+ games get hiked up to R18+ and NC remains NC because of the ridiculously vague wording.

        Something that is "too violent" and "offends sensibilities" can still be banned even if they introduce an R18+ so really nothing will change.

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