This Is A Super Robot Trailer In Three Parts


    People always wonder why they don't release this game series overseas, and it's not the licensed characters. It's because it's got a really confusing plot that makes no sense.

    I played one of hte original generation ones on GBA and DS, and man are they convoluted. I like dialogue in games, but dialogue in those games makes up more than 50% of the entire game. And the plot makes no sense!

    Actually, I really like the art style in the second part of the trailer. It's not the awesome 3D, but it looks damn good. If I skip all the cutscenes, I might actually import it... It looks awesome.

    The third trailer isn't for the game though is it? Isn't that the Blu-Ray release of the new anime they did last season, "The Inspector"?

    For that matter, is this just 3 trailers about things from the OG series, but they're three entirely different products? lol.

    Poster is confuzzled.

      Part 1 = CGI, part 2 = gameplay. That's their usual approach. Part 3 is, yes, The Inspector. Either it's the blu-ray release OR, my guess, the box set is included with (possibly the special edition of) the game.

    Pretty common for SRW PVs are split into three, whether it be for an OG game or one featuring licensed series. The first part is generally some or all of the game opening cinematic, the second shows you signature moves of the mecha (actual in-game graphics) and the third usually gives details of battle system or a promo (in this case the fact that you can buy the game bundled with the OG anime series or somesuch). So all in all, the PV is typical for a SRW game. Personally the first part is always the least interesting for me as it has the smallest bearing on the actual game and final product itself.

    As this is only PV1, you can expect the next couple to show you more of the mecha and the battle system, so they will be a lot more interesting. This is pretty much just a teaser.

    I squealed for joy when I saw Alt. Oh my God I was worried they'd forgotten OG with all that Endless Frontier garbage. This makes me happy in ways that would make all of you very uncomfortable.

    I hope they bring this over. I loved OG1 and 2 on GBA, I thought the translation was superb, the characterization was better than most RPGs, and unlike most localizations which would rather keep it 'authentic' even though that ruins all the culture and language puns Japan seems to love so much, they were really damn funny a lot of the time.

    That being said I'll buy a PS3 and brave the moonrunes just for this. Just for you, OG3, just for you.

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