This Is Probably The NGP’s New Name And Logo

This Is Probably The NGP’s New Name And Logo

It won’t be official until it’s unveiled on stage during Sony’s E3 press conference, but bookmakers are surely cutting off bets on the NGP’s final name after this trademark filing turned up overnight.

Called, yes, the PlayStation Vita, the filing was filed with the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union on June 6, was submitted by Sony Computer Entertainment and even included the snappy logo you see above.

The listing follows on from a discovery last week that Sony had included the term “PlayStation Vita” on its E3 web site.

OAMI [EU, via NeoGAF]


  • PlayStation Vita is a terible name. Me and no doubt most people will just call it that new PSP.

  • You know, this doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. Sony has had terrible branding and marketing for yonks. Vita? Sounds like a piece of medical equipment running on the Vista OS. And that’s the last thing you won’t to be reminded of when the hardware is the one thing keeping you alive. Oh no, UAC has prevented KeepHeartBeating.exe from running! Well that’s rea

  • its not like they wld of called it the psp2… seeing as the last one was actually called the psp2000..

  • Still sounds like fancy bottled water to me;


    When we’re too busy counting your money to worry about server security, we drink Vita to keep us going!

    Vita; it only does re-hydration.

  • I know why I like ‘NGP’. Its because it sounds very un-sonyish. Sorry Sony, I dont buy into your hollow ‘lifestyle’ brand BS. Just sell me the damn gaming machine without the fluff.

  • Yeah its pretty lame.
    Sounds more to me like an online service or feature from Sony though

  • It’s a pretty weird name, but everyone will likely just call it the PSV, which actually sounds pretty awesome!

    I’m sure they could have thought of another V-word instead of Vita though…

  • I hope they call it Vita like Rita and then launch with a parody of the Beatles song Lovely Rita that instead sings about the awesomeness of Vita.

  • could this not be a early code project name for the PS5? V = 5 in roman numerals and im sure the ITA will represent something

  • So that means that the ps4 will be skipped an Sony will just start developing the ps5? Totally illogical…

    It can also be seen from the point that the NGP IS the ps4. But that would be lame. It has a little less power than the ps3. We will be going backward with that.

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