This Portal 2 Action Figure Is So Great It's Puzzling

You know, it's probably more of a "doll", but whatever. Flickr user nael has built himself a Portal 2 action figure/doll, and as you're about to see, it's amazing.

The attention to detail is what first grabs you, as Chell's jumpsuit is stitched to perfection and even her chicken leg boots are perfectly recreated in 1/6 scale. Then you notice...well, more attention to detail, like the painstaking work done on the Portal gun and the fact it lights up.

Portal custom [nael @ Flickr, thanks Gudulon!]


    The face kinda looks like Elisabeth Rohm.

    the attention to detail is amazing..

    Well, does it create quantum wormholes in space? Otherwise...meh :)

    Isn't this portal 1? Outfit is different in portal 2

    How is it 'more of a doll'? It's fully articulated.

    Godamnit, you writers are driving me crazy with your misleading article titles.

    Say that it's custom in the headline and stop getting my hopes up for awesome gaming swag!

    Arrgh the face it burns

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