This Rise Of Nightmares Trailer Is Like An Axe To The Head

Rise of Nightmares is shaping up to be, if nothing else, the most adult video game coming to the Xbox 360's motion-sensing Kinect peripheral.

In the game, you air-chainsaw, air-axe, air-rusty pole zombies to death all while trying to get your Kinect to notice that you're trying to move forward in the game.

Great concept with some movement control issues. Here's hoping they fix the latter before the September release.


    Guess which game won't be getting past censors this September, hmm?

    You can only say "latter" when there is a former to compete with.

      That would be the "great concept", which the author doesn't hope they fix before release.

    Bloody nurses and a train...Someone has been taking "inspiration" from Resident Evil and Silent hill.
    Oh I just remembered, didn't clock tower 3 have a madman?

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