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Man, despite the fact that this is E3 week, and most of us will probably be glued to live streams at ungodly hours all week, there are still a bunch of humdingers being released this week. InFamous 2, Red Faction: Armageddon... and another game. Crap, I've totally forgotten the name of it. Argh!

InFamous 2 (PS3) What is it? Sequel to InFamous, game that came from nowhere and kinda blew me away. Very hyped for the sequel. Should you care? I'm going to say yes. Absolutely. The original was the kind of game I love - a seamless blend of environments and mechanics. From what I've seen the sequel continues where the original left off, and then some.

Red Faction Armageddon(360/PS3) What is it? Streamlined, smartly designed sequel to open world destruction fest Red Faction Guerrilla. Should you care? Takes the destruction of the original, and matches it to a more linear, set-piece driven shooter. We like the concept.

There was another game coming out this week, but for the life of me I can't remember which one.


    I played the Demo to DNF, RFA and Infamous 2 on the weekend, and I must say I'm not wowwed by any of them.

    I have a $33 voucher for GAME I was intending on using, I might pick up DNF (on PC) because the modding community will make the game into a far better game than the Demo portrayed it to be.

    The missing game is the game we've all been waiting for, the sequel to the great hit of the 90's, the game that has been in development hell for over a decade, a continuation of a long dead and forgotten IP.

    That game is: Alex Kidd in Duke Nukem World

      The question is, will it still have rock, paper, shrink-ray matches?

        All that's been confirmed is that the gum feature has been removed because they ran out of it.

        He has to punch blocks to get money bags, then turn around and hand the cash to strippers

      Or is it Duke Nukem in Halo World?

    Alright smart guy. How could you forget my game you jack ass?

    Duke Nukem Forever better be back up in the next hour or I'm going to take you out back and play tether ball with your testicles.

    Got it?

    The guy who chew bubblegum?

    I already got InFamous 2 preordered at ozgameshop but this week it's all about the guy who chew bubblegum. :D

    Played InFamous 2 all weekend and it's freaking excellent.

      I don't get that guy. Electricity is for pussies. I stuck my fingers in a plug socket once - didn't feel a thing.

      Couldn't walk in a straight line for the next two months, but that's besides the point.

    He's got balls of steel.

      I like this kid. Even though he can't spell for shit.

    Do not write off Duke Nukem Forever just yet, i am with you guys and feel a little dissapointed with the demo, but the more i have played it the more i am left wanting more.

    Protip... for the PC users, turn off the Post Special Effects and V Sync, it makes the game look so much better.

    I am hopeful about DNF.

      There is also a FOV fix as well:
      Just run the demo with -log in the launch options then once you're Duke Alt+Tab to the log window and enter set Engine.PlayerPawn DefaultFOV ** then hit enter & Alt+Tab back to Duke.
      replace ** with whatever FOV you want

      All we need now is an all weapons mod, none of this 2 weapons bullshit.

      I will say though, anyone that gets Duke on console is going to be extremely disappointed.

        I was targetting the 360 for DNF, but after reading all these comments and other comments about the Demo, I might have to change to PC.

        Or just hire it.

          This is a PC developed game and then ported to consoles, the advice i would give is to just play the game and dont listen to what you read online.

          People judge this game on what it they wanted it to be and not for what it is, There is NO GAME that can live up to 14 years of hype and expectations but if you are willing to overcome its shortcomings then the full game should be an enjoyable experience.

          People expected the second coming of christ and it curing at least 3 forms of cancer and when it didnt they naturally felt butthurt.

            The problem is the cost, I'm not going to blow upward of $70 of my hard-earned on something that is not going to be worth the money.

            At a minimum, this won't be a day one purchase for me anyway, so I can wait for the reviews.

        2 weapons only? Godammit Halo, you have so much to answer for what you've done to FPS games!

    I watched the Giant Bomb Quick Look of Red Faction Armageddon and man were they unimpressed.

    Sif not get Duke, it might be an average game, but who cares, it's Duke and you know you want to be able to say you own this game! Balls Of Steel Edition incoming!

    Hopefully, it gets released early on June 9th, so I can pick up inFamous 2 (Hero Edition) and Duke at the same time and not have to worry about trekking to the store twice!

    On the otherside of the coin, Red Faction : Dead Mars Corridor Shooter Edition was very underwhelming, the fact they moved too far away from what made Guerrilla so fun completely killed my excitement.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see this in the bargain bin very early, which I am happy to pick up for under $30.

    After waiting for 14 years, I have high expectations for your latest project, Mr. Dukem.
    - Cave Johnson, Founder and CEO of Aperture Science

      Mispelling my name? Them's fighting words.

      Messing around with Duke - they should rename you Brave Johnson.

      But keep talking smack big guy and I'll Cave your Johnson. With my balls of steel.

      In a totally hetero way of course.

        Look out Duke, he's got exploding lemons!

        Allow me to apologise, Mr. Nukem. It seems that my speech-to-text software has a few shortcomings. I'll be sure to have a few "words" with the scientists who built the software. I'm sure you would love to have a few "words" with said scientists as well.

    Duke Nukem is a weak girly man

    i though infamous was very meh.

    Maybe because i played prototype first.. =D

    The Duke doesn't comment on rumour and/or speculation. Especially when said speculation is a festering pile of horseshit!

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