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This is a strange one - this week there are a couple of games coming out that completely surprised me. Meaning, I had no idea they were coming out this soon, but bam - here they are. It's a good thing, I think!

Take Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - no idea is was coming out this week. Shadows of the Damned - no idea it was coming out this week.

It's weird, since I was fully anticipating the release of both games!

Ah well, never mind - on with the show!

Cars 2 (Wii/DS/360/PS3) What is it? Game of the sequel to the original which also had a game of the movie. Should you care? I often wondered why Pixar wanted to make a sequel to their worst movie. Then I went to a party where every single baby was wearing an item of 'Cars' clothing. Now I know why. Oh, and the game is probably rubbish.

Shadows of the Damned (360/PS3) What is it? The game is coming out this week? Eh? I honestly did not see this coming. This is Goichi Suda's latest effort, created in conjunction with Capcom legend Shinji Mikami. Should you care? All signs point to yes.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (360/PS3) What is it? Again, I had no idea this was coming out this week - but this one makes more sense since it's just an update with extra characters and such-like. Should you care? I've already bought this game twice, not sure I want to buy it a third time. Great entry level package though. Street Fighter IV remains one of my favourite games this generation.


    I thought Cars was very entertaining...

      Yeh I thought cars was good, I don't think this sequel will be good though. It's the first Pixar sequel I haven't looked forward to. Yay for Shadows of the Damned!

      I have to admit I lol'd heartily at Mark's description of Cars and Cars 2. Pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly.

      When it comes to Pixar films 'worst' is not a pejorative term.

      I thought Cars was rubbish, it is the only Pixar film I haven't seen through to the end, my 10 year old asked to watch something else about twenty minutes in.

      The reason it got a sequel instead of Bugs Life or The Incredibles?


      Yes, the merch from Cars raked in over 5 Billion dollars, so....

        +1 for The Incredibles sequel, considering they had a new villain pop up at the end, there are so many possibilities they can run with, perhaps they felt it might feel too Fantastic Four-ish though.

        Still, my person worst Pixar film is A Bug's Life. Just didn't do anything for me.

          I'd rather see Pixars "Fantastic Four-ish" movie than the actual Fantastic Four movies. :/

        I'm sure that I read somewhere that a Monsters Inc sequel is on the cards.

        Had no idea Shadows of the Damned was coming out so suddenly - I wonder will it have a Killer 7 vibe, if it does I'll have to get it - Killer 7 is the one last gen game I still want to play if I ever spot a copy.

          You're correct - and don't get me wrong, Monsters Inc. is terrific. Probably second to Finding Nemo for me, MAYBE third considering the brilliance that is Wall-E.

          But as much as I love Monster Inc. and even Finding Nemo, I don't want sequels. Pixar seem too... talented and imaginative and original for that. They dropped 'newt' and went with Monsters Inc.

          It's not like they're not known for releasing new ideas and movies. That is what has made them probably more critically acclaimed than a producer like Bluesky or DreamWorks.
          Disney hasn't crippled their success or acclaim, but I'm afraid and believe Disney are responsible for the continued push for sequels with Pixar, which I think EVENTUALLY will become a problem.

          Maybe I'm holding a grudge cause I believe 'newt' would have been fantastic. I'm glad to see Mike and Sulley coming back to the screen thats for sure - but I want a rest with sequels personally. I know they haven't thrown them out there, Cars 2 is only their second sequel to a franchise after Toy Story. But as much as fans desire their films and want more, it begins to become an old habit and they die fast. And then we complain of sequels and unoriginality with Hollywood.

    Didnt know 2 games were coming out?

    Must be all that Heroin you Scots do..

    SSFIV Arcade Edition has been out on Xbox Live and PSN for a little while and you can download it for about $15. Really, it's just an expansion pack for SSFIV and not a full game that needs to be bought again.

    Buy it if you like seeing lots of Yun and Yang. I'm watching the North California regionals right now and every match seems to have one of the twins.

      I'm pretty sure this is not just a CD with the "Arcade Edition" characters, but includes the original game as well.

    For some reason I thought Shadows of the Damned was another of those late this year releases.

    I've managed to keep my son away from Cars so far. He spent all last week watching 'Up' which is his favourite movie ever, and on the weekend woke everyone up at 4:30 yelling "I want to watch Wall E!".

      i have to say that 'UP' had one of the most depressings starts to a movie ever! ... totally caught me off guard, almost enought to bring me to tears

        Second best montage ever. The first being 'Hearts on Fire' from Rocky IV.

          The first training montage in Rocky IV holds number one place for me.

          Mark, any Rocky IV fan needs to read this article.

          Very funny stuff.

        I'm man enough to say that there was no "almost" about it for me. Absolutely brutal.

          I managed to hold my tears back until near the end when he looked in the book. Was like the "Oh Captain, my Captain" moment in Dead Poets Society where I'd managed not to cry the whole time but suddenly I was pushed over the edge and the waterworks started.

          Agree.. but I think the end of Toy Story 3 was almost worse...

        Up hit pretty hard during the first twenty minutes. It also set my expectations a little too high. It was a fantastic movie, but I spent most of the rest of the movie thinking how great the start was. The "looking in the book" bit was the only other moment that really resonated with me, for obvious reasons.

        In contrast, Wall E was incredible from start to finish. So much emotion in a film about robots who barely speak. I really love that film.

        Cars I enjoyed. I never felt like it promised more than it delivered. It definitely feels like it caters to the younger audience a lot more than Pixar's other films, but I thought it was still quite clever.

          Wall-E was excellent... and a brilliant study in emotivness through design.

        @ defkon

        Completely agree, you see trailers for the movie and it looks like a simple adventure romp and you get completely thumped emotionally, for them to setup that grand adventure.

        The great thing about Pixar movies is because they are tailored for adults also, and it would have been an interesting site in movie theatres to see all these adults crying at the start and all the kids potentially asking their parents what are they crying at because they wouldn't have understood.

        Only seen the movie once, but I'll admit I would have alot of trouble watching that part again.

    Apparently Ape Escape for PS3 Move is out this week too....

      I tried the demo yesterday night and I loved it. Will be picking it up. :D

    Horray for Pixar for knowing how to predate and exploit cultural programming.

    On the upside, Shadow of the Damned.

    More importantly, where's the Sunday Comics???

      My agreement with this individuals question knows few limitations.

    I've grown up loving everything Street Fighter, and I can say without a doubt that the latest Mortal Kombat game is SO MUCH FUN!!

    Seriously, import it. It's so good.

    Given the awesomeness of Grasshopper's last big game 'Frog Minutes' I'm expecting Shadows of the Damned to be a gentle and relaxing few hours of watching wildlife and contemplating the meaning of life.

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