This Week In Games

This Week In Games

This Week In GamesHey guys! Zelda Ocarina of Time is coming out this week! Oh… you’ve already got your copies. [Shuffles feet awkwardly]

F.3.A.R. (360/PS3/PC) What is it? It’s the threequel to the original scary shooter. Should you care? It’s pretty decent form all accounts. I really enjoyed F.E.A.R. 2, so will get round to this eventually.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS) What is it? Lol. Should you care? You tell me – you’re probably playing it already!

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D (3DS) What is it? The best looking 3DS game bar none. Should you care? Honestly, I haven’t been able to check it out yet – but I’m very keen.

UFC Personal Trainer (360) What is it? Kinect training… with men who could probably disembowel you. Should you care? This game will exercise the shit out of you.


  • UFC personal trainer needs to come with a bull body vibration and perspiration unit. That way you could feel the half-naked men sweat all over you and rub against you…

  • I read that the Masterquest was available from the main menu without having to complete the normal version first. Alas, this is not the case. Not that it bothers me i was going to play through the original version first anyway but i thought Mark, was that option region specific or mis-information? Hmmmm.

  • I got my copy of Ocarina on Saturday morning. The box looks nice, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten as I was prompted by the wife to help clean the house all weekend. Apparently I can’t do both, but hey, I like a challenge. So anyway, it’s had to wait until the train trip to work Monday morning… but guess who forgot to charge their 3DS over the weekend. So here I am, 3DS charging on my desk, loaded with an Ocarina cartridge ready to be played on the way home from work tonight.

      • I only played Fear 1 and didn’t really like it so sort of wrote off the rest of the series. However I agree that the co-op and multiplayer modes do look really interesting. I’m tempted to pick it up and check it out.

        • There’s been a lot of love for the first game, and still some for the second. I picked them both up on the steam sales recently so I need to sit down, put my big boy pants on and power through them.

          I expect to stop playing after 11pm and huddle in a corner, waiting for daylight.

          • as someone who shiftily unlocked his steam copy via a US VPN last week the SP is good if a little disjointed in some parts

            First level is boring as hell intro picks up after that.

            the 2 playable characters are interesting and i could see Co-op being alot of fun messing around.

            Close’s of the Fear storyline. Though don’t expect to many scares whats there are the same ones from the last 2 games scare generators

  • New Zelda game eh? Never really cared for it much.

    Nah, couldn’t say that with a straight face.

    I love Resident Evil but I hated The Mercenary missions so a skip for me there.

    YAY! Technically a free week from new games.

    Thanks Gametraders and EB!

  • I am totally buying a 3DS for the sole purpose of playing Ocarina of Time… just gotta wait until someone does a bundle… It’ll give me time to finish reading Game of Thrones, which will free up time on the train which I can then use to play Ocarina of Time!

  • Playing Ocarina of Time now 😛

    Might give Mercenaries 3D a chance but maybe later down the road as the game is more like “Survival mode” than a full-fledge game.

  • Have my copy of OoT right next to me. Haven’t played it yet due to lack of 3DS, waiting for the 30th when BigW have their sale. 3DS and 2 games for $298, gonna get amongst that.

  • Got mine yesterday.
    Every EB in Melbourne seems to have a couple of copies left too.

    All i need now is a 3DS

  • Oh, so Mercenaries IS coming out this week? It’s kind of fallen off the radar and no one seems sure of when it’s supposed to get here exactly. I keep hearing things about the 7th. Either way it’s my most anticipated of the “launch” titles, absolutely loved the original Mercenaries on RE4 on Cube and had massive fun with it at the 3DS demo days. Got a scheme in place to pick it up nice and cheap too 😛

    • Hi Harli!

      I’m the reply button!! If you click on me when you reply to a post, people don’t get confused about your out-of-context post and understand what you are talking about!

      Don’t be a stranger now – I love it when people click me!

      • Hi Reply Button!

        We’re your eyes!! If you use us to read the main post, you would find all sorts of information such as the context for future comments to come, especially those not posted in reply to another comment. Then you’ll find there actually isn’t anything to get confused about, as there was no lack of context to begin with!

        Don’t be a stranger now – we need to be regularly exercised just as much as the rest of your body!

        • Can’t we just put this little mishap behind us, and click me?

          Remember, there’s no eye in reply!

          • There is a Y though. “Y” should eye do that? 😛

            There is also a Ly. I wouldn’t trust someone that always does that.

          • Hi Reply Button!

            I do believe Your Eyes has covered anything I needed to say (and then some).

            I did enjoy this banter with much laugh-out-louding though, so thank you for your efforts.

            p.s seriously, I laughed in a fashion considered loud

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  • Still waiting for my SMS from JB about my copy of Zelda: OoT. Thank god I’m a patient guy.

    I wonder if EB is willing to price match GAME F3AR online price of $68 bucks?

  • not being able to remove saved games @ all from the mercenaries 3DS game should be enough to make it a nuh uh purchase

    what a ridiculous decision

  • I was just about to post here that my local EB still hasn’t got Zelda in stock. Then I receive a text message saying I can come pick my preorder… I was happy until I realised that by the time I get there, the shop will be closed. 😛

    Going to have to wait until tomorrow now. xD

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