Those Who Preordered Duke Nukem Forever Get First Dibs On DLC

The "First Access Club", i.e. those who preordered the game from 2K and Gearbox (or bought the Borderlands GOTY edition) will get "the very first Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer downloadable add-on for free!" So, the lack of specifics means maybe it isn't a map, but probably a skin or a weapon of some kind. Duke Nukem Forever kicks arse and chews bubblegum June 14.


    When was the demo due? June 7th?

      I thought it was the 3rd.

      I still haven't gotten my code from EB, and no one's saying if it's a single player demo... or a multiplayer beta.

        The code for the demo is not actually a code that you redeem on XBL or PSN. The code EB gives you is a Duke Nukem First Access pass which has to be redeemed on the Duke Nukem website.

        I went into EB and asked them for the code last week and they gave me one of the passess, they also said they had completely forgot about giving them out.

        The code for the demo is meant to be email out to registered "First Access" members. So ou may want to give you local retailer a call.

          That's the thing I'm talking about... they said they were out and would contact their PR people for more, but tommorow's the day... and mum's the word.

            Just been into EB.
            They apparently got it in last night, but hadn't gotten around to calling me.

        "Multiplayer beta"?

        God I hate how EA etc have screwed up gamers perceptions. IT'S NOT A BETA, IT'S A DEMO.

        A beta is a bugged version of the game released to a target audience to attempt to fault find as much as possible - it's not meant to be, or to be used as, an impression of the final game.

        A DEMO is a polished copy of the game that is designed to give a viewer an impression of the game to sway them to buying it!

        Duke has gone GOLD, that means anything issued forth is a DEMO FFS! The term beta and demo are NOT interchangeable.

      If you are not being sarcastic... its june 3rd.

        Wasn't, I'd just gotten dates mixed up. Was kinda hopin it'd be the 7th, I've got uni work I need to do this weekend v.v

    3rd of June I thought it was.

    I love it how companies now promote DLC even before the game is released. Seems a bit crazy to me.

      It's added incentive to buy the game because it tells consumers it will continue to be supported after release and not just forgotten about.

      Which proves the point that developers already have DLC completed/in development before the actual release of the game.

        To add to that, as good as digital distribution is, it can really prove who is thinking about it's game/franchise & it's customers vs how can I fill my wallet quicker.

        That's where digital distribution sucks.

    Steam is 10th June. Joy!

    Another correction, for us everyonewhoisn'tAmerican-ers, Duke'll be both kicking arse and lacking gum on the 10th, not the 14th.

    for everyone the demo comes out on the 3rd which is a friday. However for australians this could easily mean the 4th (saturday) because of the time differences.
    The game is supposed to come out on the 10th for international and the 14th for north america or something.

      Most, if not all DLC is released around 7pm AEST on the said day of release.

    i have a first pass ill trade for a 3month or 1600 msp

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