THQ Talking Dawn Of War III

THQ Talking Dawn Of War III
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According to THQ’s Danny Bilson, Dawn of War III will “have a much larger strategic component to it, more of a global battle going on with little tactical things, sort of MMO-like”. It’s strongly hinted it’ll be revealed (as though it hasn’t already) in August. [Eurogamer]


  • I would have preferred it if they put more effort into making it feels more like the tabletop game (more customization for individual units) than making it more MMO-like.

    • This guys has the right idea.

      THQ need to stop trying to compete with Starcraft II and instead focus on devilvering a genuinly knew strategy game experience, preferably one that emulates the original tabletop experience.

  • They sort of did that with the change between Dawn of War and Dawn of War II.

    Of course, Dawn of War II wasn’t like the tabletop that much, but it changed the focus from the traditional RTS game of managing base building, economics and military units to using cover and terrain and encouraging higher use of individual units and squads rather than rushing en masse.

    The only problem with that was lots of people felt like the epic proportion and sense of grand futuristic battles went with that attempt to intensify firefight matches between units and more intense micro; so it seems they’re bringing it back.

    Either way, I’ve love DOW and DOWII, and I’m sure I’ll be behind whatever they bring out, as long as it’s fun.

  • Can we bring it more back to the DOW1 style?
    I like the feeling of large battles which that gave me and DOW2 just felt like raiding parties with really sticky controls

    Keep the way the campaign is setup but change the multiplayer back to the original DoWs style with more races this time, instead of just 4

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