Spanish Police: 3 Arrested In PSN Hack Attacks

Spanish police this morning say they have arrested three involved in the hacking of Sony's Playstation Network, which shut down the PlayStation 3's network for month, locking nearly 80 million gamers out of playing online.

"Spanish Police dismantle the #Anonymous hacker group in Spain. They attacked #Playstation Store," they wrote on their official Twitter feed early this morning. "Police arrested 3 #Anonymous leaders in Barcelona, Alicante & Almería. They attacked governments of Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Colombia...

"#Anonymous has thousands of 'zombies' computers infected all over the world."

The New York Times reports that according to police one of the hackers had "harboured a computer server in an apartment in the northern port city of Gijon, from which the group attacked the websites of the Sony PlayStation online gaming store."

It is not clear if the three were the only ones responsible for the massive hack attack or if this is the beginning of a series of arrests.

National Police Dismantle the Leadership of the organisation "Hacktivist" Anonymous in Spain


    You sure it has anything to do with the PSN hacks?

    In other words, Spanish police arrest three people who own computers and happen to own Guy Fawkes masks.

    Didn't they even see V for Vendetta? Everyone has those masks. Even my mum has one and she sends me emails every week about free laptops.

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