Time Magazine’s First Official Game Tie-In Is For… Modern Warfare 3

Time Magazine’s First Official Game Tie-In Is For… Modern Warfare 3

Time is one of the most storied magazines the world has ever seen, and while its relevance may have dipped somewhat during the internet era, it’s still seen as a respectable publication. So its first ever video game tie-in is a bit of a disappointment.

As a marketing stunt for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3, Time allowed publishers Activision to not just use the magazine’s trademark cover design in the game, but to market the cover as a promotional poster which will go out to people pre-ordering the game.

If you think the stunt has anything to do with money, well, you’re right.

“This is where the boys are,” Kim Kelleher, Time‘s publisher, told the New York Times. “This is a great way to connect with millions of people we might not have otherwise connected with.”

And who will never read another issue of Time in their lives, but hey, magazine publishers in the 21st century have got to try something!

Time Lends Cover for Apocalyptic Image [New York Times]

Top photo courtesy of MW3 Today


  • Pretty sure the year they did the one about Pokemon I bought it, if for nothing else except the fact that I was a kid and saw Pokemon on something and HAD TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW.

  • Time has always been somewhat out-of-touch. They did give Mark Zuckerberg a Person of The Year cover over Julian Assange, probably because of The Social Network.

    Now they’ve gotten their decrepit asses over to acknowledging blockbuster videogames, but everyone’s already tired of CoD and moved onto other franchises.

    • Do you know why people are tired of CoD series? Because most of them are made by Treyarch with WW2 theme that they pretty much fail black ops.

      I definitely hate CoD games by Treyarch but absolutely love the Modern Warfare series by Activision.

      • Brain hurts.. You mean Infinity Ward not Activision. Activision are publishers. Infinity Ward are developers. Infinity Ward was originally founded by the same guys that made MOH AA (WWII game). West and Zampella have now left (along with half the original IW team) and MW3 is now being developed by Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, with the multiplayer being developed by the new Infinity Ward.

    • Everyone is so tired of CoD games, that Black Ops only sold 25million. And MW3 will only sell 30million+. If theyre not careful they will make too much money and then, Bobby Kotick will be a sad panda.

      Also, many people would argue that FaceBook is much more relevent to more peoples’ day-to-day-life than WikiLeaks. Youngest billionaire ever, most visited website, and all that.

      • Day to day lives is looking at the small picture when comparing to how WL has affected entire lives. It’s like comparing them to a carton of milk which has more relevance in my day to day life.

  • dont take kindly to MW3. why would i buy it when i already own cod4, MW2 and also black ops pretty much exactly them same.
    also @Letrico the earlier cods were all WW2 shooters and were starte by IW. also CODWAW was for pros who could aim with the bolts and not just spray. GET SOME SKILL!

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