Timesplitters Developers Already Working With The Next Xbox Console?

Timesplitters Developers Already Working With The Next Xbox Console?

Last month, there were reports that an “unnamed Electronic Arts studio” already had new Xbox hardware sitting on its desks. EA swiftly denied the rumours, but now another British source is saying almost exactly the same thing.

What makes this particular report interesting is that the source in this case is alleged to be from Crytek UK, the developers of the Timesplitters series. Crytek is not an EA studio, being independent, but it is part of the EA Partners label.

The same report says that Crytek UK has the new consoles because it’s working on a Timesplitters title for the machine’s launch.

Take this with a grain of salt, of course, but if Microsoft really is looking to release a new console around 2014, then development times and costs being what they are people need a head start on launch titles!

Xbox 720 ‘likely’ at E3 2012, Crytek on board [Videogamer]


  • 720? 720!?

    I doubt it. That’s a silly, nonsensical name.

    It may well be in Crytek’s hands, but the ‘industry source’ never mentions that name.

      • There’s a reason why it’s called 360, it’s not just some random number somebody dreamed up at Microsoft.

        • Yeah.

          360, at least, ties into the whole ‘circle’ theme, panoramic, etc. I can see where their marketing was trying to go, and a lot of the AR campaigns used the circle idea.

          720 is two revolutions, but… er..

          It sounds like some bright spark on a forum somewhere decided it’d be a neat made-up name, because hurr durr 720 is double 360.

          • Yeah but think of the marketing

            Double the power, double the revolution, double the resolution and with backwards comparability double the games xbox720 the 2nd revolution

    • Oh but a new timesplitters I’d sell my legs for. Thousands of hours clocked on TS2, wouldn’t need legs!

      • This, TS2 was amazing!

        So many hours were put into Platinum runs on the challenges, even now I don’t think I nailed them all, maybe missed a handful, there were some brutal challenges.

        Don’t think I ever finished the game on Hard either, there was that Robot Factory mission which had stupid low ammo counts and many bullet sponges.

        Also, Monkeys! 🙂

        • Damn straight. TS3 didnt hold a candle to TS2.

          Also, I am hoping for it to release close to WiiU so I can decide which one to go for.

  • It’s a rumor, guys, if there were ACTUAL pics it happened, wouldn’t be as much of a rumor, would it.

  • I heard a pretty reasonable rumour that it would more be a PC rig with specs similar to what they expect they’ll put in the xbox 720, e.g. a graphics card with a certain amount of power.

  • The new console would def be at least 8 to 12 core processors, with at least a 4 to 6 Gig graphics card, a 500 to 1 terabyte HDD ,12 to 16 gigs of Ram
    NO BLU RAY maybe a steam like service or something that allows devs alot of space that disc formats cant offer

    that in my eyes would be a good start to the new console generation

    that to last about 6 to 7 years would seem just about right for that kinda hardware

  • Anybody who believes that a new generation of consoles is not in order, must also be oblivious to how superior a basic gaming PC is to the current gen.


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