Tomb Raider's E3 Screens Are Beating This Poor Woman To Death

You know what's so appealing about this new Tomb Raider? The vulnerability. So many games turn you into a superhero that it's refreshing to see one where breaking bones and bleeding look as dangerous as it should be.

Brian's had a play of the game, and walked away very, very impressed.


    The developers know they need to get as far away from the mediocrity of the old Tomb Raider series as they can. Believe me, we wont be seeing Lara in a swimsuit spouting one liners while doing suggestive stretches in this game.

      Well then I for one won't be buying it.

        You cannot deny there is something sexy about her being vulnerable like a female and not having a demeanor more akin to a bear.

          It may not have been your intention but that comment sounded incredibly sexist.

          I'm fine with her getting injured a bit. It's more realistic and I think it adds some character. I just hope she has a strong and likable personality.

            Face it guys, terrible sequel after terrible sequel has caused a lot of mud to stick to this franchise. I think the developers can't risk linking this game at all with the older games because doing that could honestly lose you a lot of cash.

            They couldn't just make things marginally different, this game had to be turned into its head. From what I've seen so far, a lot less emphasis has been placed on Lara herself, and I like this. This games seems a lot more about her environment and story.

            It was pretty much only a matter of time after Uncharted was released that Tomb Raider had to follow suit. This games seems to actually want to try new things, so it should be interesting.

            This reboot is actually long overdue. The mentality and market of video games in the 90s allowed a character like Lara and video game like Tomb Raider to become popular simply because she was a female with a rack. But that doesn't work these days.

              Triangle boobs aside, let's not forget that the game itself was actually quite good.

              It was also one of the first (if not the first) 3D platformers geared towards adults, featuring actual people instead of cartoon characters or anthropomorphic animals.

              As much as I loved Batman Begins, I'd never forgive it for the number of dark and gritty reboots it has encouraged.

    So far this is one of the games shown at this E3 that I'm the most excited about.

    I've always loved 3d platformer type games like this, and everything I'm seeing looks like they're taking this in great new approach. With some similarities to Uncharted, but that is a great thing. As Uncharted is brilliant.

      They love Uncharted so much they even ripped off Sully. "Victor Sullivan Lite: Now with 40% less Sully!"

    Uncharted is more of an action movie game thing. This appears more survival based.

    I wonder if you have to find food and eat like in MGS3? If they want to make it realistic, go all out!

    Watching this on the livestream was very uncomfortable. The voice acting was 90% gasping and moaning and if someone just overheard me without knowing any better, they'd assume I was watching some BDSM porn.

      I agree. like I get she's all vulnerable and whatevs, but they really need to tone down the gasping and moaning.

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