Turkish Cops Arrest 32 Suspect Anonymous Members

After Spanish cops arrested a trio of suspected Anonymous members, the Turkish police now say it has arrested 32 suspected Anonymous members, including eight minors. No word yet if they were involved in the PSN hacks. [The Guardian]


    Let me guess. Everyone who has a Guy Fawkes mask will be arrested on suspicion of hacking the PSN?

    Give me a break.

      Yeah i'm sure that exactly how they investigated it!?!? :|

        With the Turkish government trying to introduce those bullshit internet filters I wouldn't be surprised if it's just anyone involved with Anon who have spoken out against it.

    Wonder if any were arrested for the DDOS on the Turkish police's website?

    Good for them :)

    The hack was likely in response to the...wait a moment! You ALMOST made me talk about something unrelated to games! On Kotaku!

    Nice try.

    lol just because i i have a guy fawkes mask does that mean im apart of anonnymous? LOL utterly rediculous anyone can be apart of that group your cat could be part of them for all you know

      *Turkish Swat Team break threw the door*

      Where is he! Where's you damn cat! Filthy hacker!

      huh? since when did they say they used the mask as evidence to find them?

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