Ultimate Version Of Captain America: Super Soldier Comes From GameStop

According to our own Stephen Totilo, we might be in for a pretty good Captain America experience when the movie tie-in game drops on July 19, but you won’t get the ultimate Captain America experience unless you preorder from GameStop.

That’s because players that preorder the game from GameStop will score the Ultimates downloadable content pack for Captain America: Super Soldier on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, featuring the gritty 1942 version of the all-American hero as he appeared in Marvel Comics Ultimates series. Along with the sexy outfit, the DLC pack also contains the Ballroom Blitz challenge map, and early access to Cap’s Weaponize ability, which grants the super soldier the ability to turn his foes’ weapons against them.

If you prefer not to patronise GameStop, I’m sure the DLC will be available to the masses for a modest fee at some point, surely less than the cost of, say, freedom.

Pre-Order Captain America: Super Soldier at GameStop! [Sega]


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