Uncharted 3 Wants To Be The Go-To Multiplayer Experience On PS3

Uncharted 3 Wants To Be The Go-To Multiplayer Experience On PS3

The first two Uncharted games for the PlayStation 3 established Naughty Dog as one of the premiere single-player developers on the console. That’s just not good enough for these people.

The Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is really serious about multiplayer this time around. They aren’t content with just having an OK multiplayer system that a hardcore group of devoted fans play. They want everyone playing this. They want Call of Duty players slipping away from their teams to get a little Uncharted 3 in.

I don’t care as long as the singleplayer experience remains as stellar as it has been. It could be the most amazing multiplayer experience ever committed to disc, but I don’t play Uncharted games to socialize.

How about you folks?

UNCHARTED 3: Naughty Dog Talks Multiplayer [PlayStation Blog]


  • I play unchartered 2 to socialise i invite people over all the time to play it because they dont have ps3’s everyone must play that game

  • I still love UC2 multiplayer. Unfortunately the game modes for 3 seems to be missing my favourite, Elimination.

  • Naughty Dog, can the stupid MP crap and worry about the single player game… not every game needs MP. What there isn’t enough capture the FN flag games to choose from?

  • While I agree that the SP in uncharted games is the first priority, I think the MP is just as important now.
    At release, I probably would have agreed with you completely, but here we are 2 years later and I’m still playing UC2 almost every night.
    SP makes the game so amazing, but the MP has really given it longevity!

  • Uncharted 2 was an amazing single player game, with some of the best multiplayer on the Ps3, partying up with friends and playing that was some of the most fun I ever had on my ps3.

    I already know that Uncharted 3’s single player is going to be great, and it looks like the multiplayer can only get better.

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