Uncharted 3's E3 Trailer Is Like A Well-Lit Punch In The Face

I am basing that description on the fact the trailer is emphasising two things: the game's nice lighting and the fact Drake returns to punch a lot of swarthy men in the chops.



    I'd get this if I had a PS3. Go Sony, PS3 price drop, do it!

    Helen Mirren???!!?!?

      Damn it, you beat me to it! For an old girl, she is pretty cool, I especially liked her in Red.

      We say it every year how Sept-Dec is a whole lotta action packed games. But this is seriously THE year. And once again, continues throughout 2012 to March with ME3.

      Halo Anniversary, THIS, Skyrim, AC: Revelations all in the SAME month. My poor fingers.

      It seems hanging off cargo from an aeroplane is the new, hanging off a train over a cliff.

        It's not Helen Mirren.

        It's just a Helen Mirren lookalike character model with the voice actor pulling off a dignified elderly British woman.

        She has nothing to do with this project.

    Looks awesome. A couple of things - a) is there a fair bit of Helen Mirren in the female baddie? b) has Sully been working out heaps? Especially in the very last scene (which shows the great writing in the series)

      Nope, it's Rosalind Ayres:


      But other than that, fantastic trailer, can't wait for the beta, pre-ordered the explorer edition at EB already and I WANT NOVEMBER TO HAPPEN ALREADY!

    Wow, just wow. I can't wait.

    Both Chloe and Elena are returning, awesome. That scene hanging off the truck out the back of the plane just looks like the usual awesome Uncharted scenes.

    Sully is on the Celebrity Get Shot a Lot Diet

    My inner graphics whore is a happy entity.

    But... but... what happened to Sully's moustache?!?!

    Looks pretty sweet, but I still have played uncharted yet. Its in my pile of shame...

      For shame. You have 5 months to play the first 2. GO!

    Wow. This is a Huge Want.

    That is one really incredible trailer. It's way up there with the best of the MGS2 trailers that I salivated over back in the day (only with more humour).

    Oh dear me that looks awesome. Much wantage.

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