Valve Is Working On A Free-to-Play Game

The developers of the Half-Life, Portal, and Team Fortress series are currently at work on a free-to-play game, according to Valve's Doug Lombardi.

In an interview with French site Barre de vie, Lombardi is asked whether Valve, having just begun offering free-to-play titles on its online shopfront Steam, was developing a game of their own in the field. To which he replied "Yes".

Pretty low-key way to kick that off, which leads to speculation that the company's upcoming DOTA 2 is in fact what he's talking about, especially given the fact League of Legends, DOTA 2's main competitor (being itself based on DOTA) is free-to-play.

Valve se lance dans le free-to-play [Barre de vie]


    Interesting, if it is DOTA 2 then I hope they implement the freemium service in the same way that LoL has.

    Well they've already seen that they can make bundles of money just from hats on Team Fortress 2, so I would certainly not find it surprising for them to take a similar "pay for skins" approach to League of Legends.

    they already have a free2play game it's called alien swarm

      I forgot about that. Really good game and made me laugh my arse off when I saw Alien Breed 1, 2 and 3 come out at $10 each.

      Alien swarm was terrible! it was so difficult, the level design was boring and much too linear.
      It looked like they were trying to make a copy of a game that never existed.

      The original concept art was awesome though, originally you fought through a level made of cardboard on a table of some sort, and the enemies would pop out of sprues (think warhammer bits) on the table and jump in to attack you.

        It was a remake of a mod of the same name... It was actually only made by about 5 people of the team who had created the original mod

    Interesting however I'd really like if they'd stop with new franchises and give a progress report on the next step in the Half Life universe.

      I still haven't played episode 1 and 2, so I'm not as invested in episode 3 as most, but this is getting a little ridiculous. Who was it that kept giving the vaporware awards to Duke Nukem Forever? Surely Episode 3 should be getting some, though I guess it hasn't technically been announced yet.

        "I still haven’t played episode 1 and 2"

        Drop whatever your doing right now, go home and play them. The episodes are short but even better than the original game.

    I've heard it may be TF2 Free Version. I think it was because there was a completely new title in the data files listed as TF2 and it had a no-cost tag.

      seems pointless TF2 costs 10 dollars as it is.

        So you're saying all games that are $10 or less may as well be free?

          When they already have a saturation the size of TF2's, it's not a terrible idea.

    Hopefully whatever the payable stuff is doens't affect how the characters or spells look too much. One of HoN's biggest problems was character visibility and distinction.

      Why would the cost affect the in-game animations?

        He means paying for different character skins and things like that which makes it more difficult for players to identify who is who on the battlefield.

    Sounds good! One point in dragging me away from LoL! Although, from the sounds of things, DoTA 2 is going to be pretty strickt towards the DoTA formula, which is a turn off for me and why i stuck with LoL over HoN!

    This doesn't sound like Episode 3 news.

    Valve, I'm starting to suspect you don't love me. Say it isn't so.

    Free to play games are good and all, but I'd rather give Valve my money for Half Life Episode 3.

    At this rate I'm afraid HLE3 would end up suffering from Duke Nukem Forever syndrome. Takes forever to come out then fails to meet people's expectations

      I think, since it's being developed by valve, that it will suffer from Team Fortress 2 syndrome. No-one hears anything about it for ages and then BAM it comes out and is fucking awesome.

      Remember that before the Duke TF2 was one of the most famous peices of vapourware!

    That's complete speculation though, wait until an announcement is made

    I like the bit where it states LoL is its main competitor. Suck it HoN fans.

      HoN isn't listed as its' main competitor as it has a $30 fee for buying the game. I think that was the differentiation being made here.

      Even as some one who plays a fair deal of League I think that that is a very statement to make as he was comparing them based on the fact that one is free while the other is not.

      Besides that last time I checked HoN has better pathing and balance so at least they get what they are paying for rather than optional purchases that just go straight into riot's pocket and we never see any real thanks for it.

      Magma chamber any one?


    You've beaten 3D Realms at being the Internet's Biggest Joke!

    Episode 3: When It's Done.
    (Releases 2023.)

    Valve, a joke? :)

    Valve are just going about business, the market is changing rapidly. The freemium market is a fairly big one, just look at League of Legends and World of Tanks like someone suggested, and hopefully soon to be FireFall. People feel more inclined to pay for things like items you can't earn normally, or an easier way to pay for things in game. You'd be surprised how much money these things generate.

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