Vita’s Most Gravity-Defying Game Looks Hot In This Trailer

Vita’s Most Gravity-Defying Game Looks Hot In This Trailer

Gravity has quietly become one of my most anticipated PlayStation Vita titles. And what looked good in screenshots looks only better in motion.

You know those awesome parts in Dead Space where you switch from walking on the ground to flying to walking on the wall? Yeah, this looks like an entire game built around that.

The game, a quirky action title from Sony Japan’s Team Siren (of Project Siren fame), doesn’t have a release date. Don’t mind the Gravity Daze title in the clip, that’s its Japanese name. Sony’s Western media has it labelled as simply Gravity.


  • Hrmmm… nothing about that trailer interested me at all.

    I don’t think it looks bad, just for some reason I can’t even imagine myself playing and enjoying that.

  • The graphics are crazy amazing, especially for a portable machine. Dynamic 2D cell-shading on 3D models in real time is something that few consoles’ videogames have done quite well and this is nothing short of Catherine’s quality, which is a PS3 game.

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