Voice Control For Kinect "By The End Of Year"

We've just spoken with a Microsoft representative, who has informed us that Voice Control for Kinect will definitely be available "by the end of the year." But as of now they have no more specifics with regards to precisely when that will be.

We will be speaking further with Microsoft about the issue - hopefully this afternoon. So we're hoping to get more specific details on the date, and possibly some answers with regards to why the update has taken so long.

More news as we get it.


    Sic balls, Choppy!

    Even money on it will roll out with the Spring Update.

    Pathetic. Yeah hello Americans, Australian's speak English, the accent isn't that incomprehensible honestly.

    Furthermore, the voice command sucks balls anyway, it only works with a limited set of live services, not with say your own personal content on your own network. How about navigating to your own personal media library using your voice? No? Not an option? Oh that's right we have to pay for foxtel/zune marketplace to navigate through media with our voice. Kinect = huge disappointment.

      To be fair, most Aussies speak a lot faster than the average American when chatting, and while our accent isn't as distorting as as a mexican or scottish accent, that speed can reduce understanding.
      But that's no excuse for the Kinect.

      I always chuckle when US news shows subtitle people because of their accent.
      They never seem to subtitle 2 tooth willy from looezzeeana though.


      I have written a free app to play local media (audio and video) that uses a mouse as the remote. It is designed to run on a tv. As soon as the Kinect SDK comes out I will integrate voice and motions. Hope that helps you.

      The app is called Bedia

    I'm with GiantDave on this one. Metro UI + Kinect Voice in Spring. Ifso, booyah!

    Mark, did you need a translator to ask this question???

      +1 - lovely work.

      Please put that to Microsoft Mr Serrels - "I am currenly speaking to you in Australian. You will note it is remarkably similar to American. Please stop being douches and turn on voice control for Australian Kinects".

    No word on why it's delayed. And no accountability if it's not out by the end of the year.

    It sums up everything that's wrong with Microsoft and other large companies that pull the same tactic.

    I thought it was really funny that Microsoft spent their press conference really trying to showcase the advantages of using the Kinect as a voice activation tool within games like Mass Effect 3. All I could think to myself was;

    "Shouldn't we be allowed to use the headset to activate voice commands like in Tom Clancy's End War?"

    This just seems like an added feature for players that already bought a Kinect. I doubt anyone is going to go out of their way to buy this hardware for the sole purpose of directing teammates and activating dialogue trees for Mass Effect 3

      Yeah it dawned on me as much too. Unlike other Kinect enabled games, this could easily work on other platforms. But will Microsoft shell out the big money to keep this feature, only on Xbox?

      AND good news about the voice stuff Mark. I'm intrigued by this too. Here's hoping the fall update will add voice support for a lot of folks.

      After that conference, they'd kind of have to yeah? It seemed to be a big deal.

    I have has several customers try and return their Kinect's because this feature was listed on the box, and therefore, we lied to them when selling it (even though we explain very clearly that this feature is disabled). Come on MS, stop making us look like dickheads.

    now when the hell are we getting the SDK

    Tezz, I will be @ a MS thing later in the month. The keynote is slated as Kinect SDK. I hope to bring copy home with me. Hacking it is getting really old..

    My friend signed in with his US account and i was able to perfectly do the voice commands with my australian voice. This is bullshit, just unlock it for australian accounts and make tweaks to improve the function if it has trouble with some people's voices. it shouldnt be locked off completely.

    Has there been an update with this??

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