Watch A Very Intense Man Playing Star Wars Kinect

The man demonstrating Star Wars Kinect live on stage at Microsoft's 2011 E3 press conference seems to be in danger of being swayed by the dark side. I sense much fear in him.


    Wasnt impressed by this at all! The guy playing it was so robotic lol
    Game looks like shit

    Lag this one does

      "You must feel the force flo....oh...hold on..."
      "Ok? Ok. Flow."

    Im so sick of the clone wars.
    Why cant someone develop a few awesome games set around the galactic civil war?

    Oh Crap!
    Yet another exercise in ruining my childhood love of Star Wars. A love that turn more and more to hate with every Star Wars game that gets released.
    So lets see, this game lets me yell "Lightsaber On!" and then stand in an overly dramatic pose while furiously waving my arm and occasionally bobbing up and down!!?? Ill save that for my masturbation sessions thanks!
    Star Wars - GO AWAY - go are nothing but a rotting carcass picked clean by Lucas and his merchandising crows!

    the idea is alright but I think I would want to hold something like a light saber replica and feel weight and buzz when I hit something

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