Watch, As Real Humans Play Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix's role-playing sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2 is playable at Sony's E3 press conference. So, yeah, we went and played it.

Looks a lot like Final Fantasy XIII, right? Yeah, that's the point.


    Hope its easier to upgrade your weapons this time - I was always short of components :(

    yeah I didnt care much for the weapon upgrade system, I don't get why they had it, it pretty much just forced u to use the first weapons and upgrade at a very costly, costly rate later on to another.

    New summons thing I think, Serah or whoever summoned a Behemoth thingy....
    I liked FFXIII (one of the few), but this just looks like they switched the character models, added a few mods to the battle design(looks like pre-emptive strikes are a bit different), and left it at that. I liked FFX and FFX-2, it had a big shift in the mechanics....

    anyone else think the guy who was 'resolving the anomaly' was really dumb?

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