Watch Halo 4's Debut Trailer Right Here

Here's the debut trailer for 343 Studio's upcoming Halo 4, which will kick off a whole new trilogy starring the Master Chief.


    Master Chief vs. Vyger ?

      Death Star.

        Or maybe one of the ships from Maratho-... nahh

          Its Onyx....
          I wont spoil anything else

            You won't spoil anything that isn't already contained in Wikipedia articles regarding the Halo Books (e.g. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx)?

            Oh, okay.

    At least we know it wasn't Bungie's idea to continue the franchise. I'd rather not have Halo end up like COD

    Oh great, another one, just what we needed... These bastards have got to move on and make better games!

    So, it's Halo vs Starcraft?

    Well, it can't be worse than giving us a prequel we didn't need over an ending we did.


    Smells suspiciously like the Star Wars prequels to me, we all know how those turned out..

    Haters gonna hate. I'm super exited for this game. So long as they don't show Master Chief's face I'll be happy.

    Omg I dearly hope they make a HUGE improvement over the ast couple of games. I loved them all dont get me wrong BUT they just didn't have anything special about them, no changes, nothing crazy new. They even changed the books cannon which was alot better imo

    Master Chef Vs. Unicron?

    Did he put a silencer onto his pistol at the end there?

      I think it was a grenade launcher like they used to use on rifles in WWII

    This might sound stupid.. but why is the ship exploding and on fire? Didn't seem like anything was attacking it yet.. and gravity wouldnt do that would it?

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