Well, Prey 2 Suddenly Looks Amazing

Until today, I could never see the point in a sequel to Prey, a game with a few neat ideas but nothing apart from assholes on the wall to really help it stand out. I now stand corrected. There is definitely a point.

This isn't the same game. Not at all. The first game was about an Indian on a spiritual journey. Through assholes on the wall. This looks like Blade Runner meets Mass Effect.

Which is a very direct route to take to the centre of my heart.


    Colour me impressed. I'd buy this in an instant. Bounty hunting ninja > Boring ass spiritual journey

      Make that "bounty hunting ninja from the blade-runnerish future"

    that should DEFINATELY not be called Prey 2...

    That aside... man this game is now on my radar.. that looks rad!

      Agreed, they need to re-brand this entirely. A new title and marketing strategy would do wonders for a concept like this. Lets just hope the execution is as good as that trailer.

    Man, I'm so glad that Human Head are still involved in this, I've always loved their games ever since RUNE.

    Cinematic looks great, looks like a Mass Effect level of alieness but a lot more gritty and weathered. My kinda style!

    I would like to see some actual gameplay footage, but the style looks pretty fun.

    Great animated short there, on a completely different topic, wonder what the game Prey2 will be like..

    you know, if they had kept it that the main character stayed as a native american indian, it could of been a great homage to Marshal Bravestar

    That just gave me a huge boner. Johnny Cash doing Rusty Cage helped too.

    I liked the first Prey but this is looks f**kin awesome, lets hope the game comes close to the FMV

    Got no idea what any of that had to do with the first game :P (yes, i know about the plane crash thing)

    Of course it's a pre-rendered cinematic. We have no way of actually judging the game.

    But it does look like alot of fun, I'll probably enjoy it more than the original Prey. But it still looks completely unrelated to Prey.

    I don't understand peoples dislike of PREY, the first one was a very fun game with a good feel to it (unlike the mass effect games).
    this looks to much like mass effect if you ask me, was hoping for a direct sequel :(

    I can understand the use of the 'prey' name in some respects but was it really a big enough game to actually garner any more than a 'meh' from most gamers? Sometimes I think that new IP has a bigger attraction than sequel to a middling game.

    I loved the first Prey. This title has been nothing but disappointment since the misnomer was first revealed.

    This looks nothing like the old Prey? Am I missing something..? Oh well I never really did like Prey so maybe this will get me into it.

    To me this is an extremely interesting game that should probably be its own IP... or at least give it a unique title even if you're going to use the "Prey Universe"

    It's the same issue I have with the naming of "Bioshock Infinite". Yes, I get that you have this series of like-playing games with different characters and environments, but you did right by switching from "System Shock" to "Bioshock" because you kept your 'branding' while also clearly denoting a difference of setting and character and story. "Bioshock Infinite" seems like it was named by some marketing schmo who *really* wanted to call it "Bioshock 3" but he kept getting shot down. :-P

    It comes down to the fact that nobody wants to take a risk with a new IP anymore and it's becoming more and more blatantly apparent. I find it frustrating.

    Why does it not say available for PC at the end? ...

    prey 1: aliens seeding worlds with humans then coming back and harvesting them, then your ugly girl friend with triangular shoulders tries to eat you but you don't care coz she's ugly so you shoot her anyways... dancing aliens the end.

    weird but I kinda liked it

    prey 2: totally different.

    kinda weird but I like it.

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