Well, The PSN Still Isn't Online In Japan

Enjoying the PlayStation Network and the Qriocity service? Japan...isn't. The Japanese PSN is still down, which is pretty shitty if you have a PS3 and use the Japanese PSN. If not, well.

In Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment was supposed to go live late last month. It never quite happened, and now Sony is saying it will still take more time to get the PSN back up and running in Japan after it was compromised.

Sony apologised for the delay and is doing everything it can to get the PSN back online in Japan. What seems to be holding the service up is the Japanese government's insistance on several key points, such as preventive measures and a plan to win back customer confidence. Getting the PSN back online might be a good start.

SCE、『PSN』全面再開準備に関する経過を報告 [オレ的ゲーム情報]

Top photo: Junko Kimura/Getty


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