Well This Is One Hell Of A Rage Gameplay Trailer

The post-apocalyptic town of Wellspring gets its name from the intricate underground systems pumping water up to the surface, so when a group of bandits threatens to poison it, heads are going to roll, and possibly explode.

It's been a long time since I've been truly excited about a first-person shooter. Mildly interested or somewhat amused, sure, but there's something about id's Rage that has me eagerly anticipating the game's September 13 release date. I'm not sure if it's the scenery, the setting itself, or the many different ways to take out your enemies as demonstrated in this video. The game just speaks to me.

I mean, did you catch the part where the guy throws a knife, the player dodges, and then decapitates the enemy with his own knife? That's what I want to do. It's those sorts of gaming moments I live for.

Anyone else feeling excited?


    Looks awesome

    This decides it- time to get a new pc. With battlefield 3, elder scrolls 5 and rage coming out I might need to contact digital storm and make a purchase

    As cool as that would be, t's not the bandit's own blade - it's one of the 3 bladed shuriken things that the player has been using since the start of the video...

    Love the Pinky demon Pinkies cakes though, lol...

    Whatever colour excited is, that is what colour I am! Looks wicked! Loved the Audio for the Quayola and Pinkies pick ups :) Those noises are like the sound FX of my youth!

    Not sold so far, just think it looks a bit generic from this clip. Will see...

    I haven't initially kept up to date on Rage myself... but after seeing what looked like a mashup of bits I liked from Halflife, Bioshock, Prey and Dark Sector I am now interested :)

    Also Quayola Quayons and Pinkies :p

    Looks stunning.

    HOWEVER, whilst I am excited for this release, I think that the gameplay looks pretty standard. Nothing 'exciting' about the mechanics that I've seen.

    I would go as far to say that the graphics have given us rose-tinted glasses and we miss the fact that the gameplay is pretty generic and uninspired.

    Still a buy for me though, I just think we need to be more reasonable about this.

    I think I'll turn up the gamma if it is that dark in the game. Otherwise it looks awesome and most likely a second day purchase.

    Carlson is the boss man from Dexter!

      I swear I head nolan north do 2 characters near the start too.

    Sure it's pretty... but it doesn't look like it's any change from Quake, or Doom.

    This is what games should be. Just ridiculous and loads of fun. Excited!

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