What Are You Listening To?

Kotaku readers! How are you? Would you care to join us in tonight's open thread of random chitchat and maybe even some video game conversation to end your day? This is the off topic thread in which to do it.

So let's do it! Since it's Tuesday, we like to have a theme to these threads. This is a recurring one, in which we talk about the music and podcasts and books we've been listening to. Me? I've been playing some Robyn, some Anamanaguchi and some Wye Oak recently. I've also been listening to the 8-4 Play podcast and NPR's Planet Money wrap-ups. I miss the Kotaku podcast!

Recommendations and advice about good things to listen to are encouraged in the comments.


    I've snuck in OCRemix's Heroes vs. Villains to work today. Soooooo gooooood! It's free, too! Go find the torrent for it on OCR's website and download it! :D

      Yeah OCremix for me - Some techno beat from Ecco the dolphin ive been listening to, cant remember the title. And layzie bone new life http://youtu.be/8jMK4gBOiKI

    Triple J.

    The Portal 2 - Songs To Test By

    Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog

    Listening to VAST (as I have everyday for a decade or so) and the new albums from Incubus, Interpol and Kanye.

    Machine Head, new song is amazing.

      Yes... yes it is :) Cannot wait for the new album!!

    Lately I've been cranking two Pain albums; Psalms of Extinction and Cynic Paradise.

    I've been hammering the new Beastie Boys record, which makes me want to throw in some of their old stuff too. Been loving it.

      At work we have Beastie Boys Fridays.
      It's just every album playing all day. It's the best :D

    anything Ska

      good call, getting into Big D and the Kids Table at the moment!

    Triple J

    Podcast wise - Rant Theory (ranttheory.blogspot.com). 3 Aussie gamers just sitting around having a chat about games and it's hilarious!
    Music - Foo Fighters Wasting Light has been getting a good workout in the car on the way to work.

    Just picked up Revelator by the Tedeschi Trucks Band last week, been playing that a lot. I love me some Derek Trucks.

    Grum - Heartbeats

    Fantastic album, an electronic bland of 70's 80's synth from modern times!

    Triple J right now but ive been enjoying the Going Quantum channel on YouTube as of late.

    Also I hate to be that guy but isn’t it Wednesday not Tuesday?

      It's a US Kotaku article.

      Usually I don't publish these thingmies - but I was curious about what you guys were listening to, so I put it through.

    Band "Eloy";Album "Floating"... some good old fashioned German Prog

      Found it by listening to Sony's Qriocity Service... Some really weird stuff in there especially the 70's Italian pop

        I had my first go of that over the weekend - great mix of obscure stuff I'd never have discovered otherwise.

    Listening to some Sevendust, Unearth and Machine Head at the moment :)

    Battles - Gloss Drop. get amongst it.

      yeaahh Battles.

    The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above and Branches Below & Zombie EP. Got hooked back in after hearing the new track yesterday.

      Mm..new track is solid. I still think the new August Burns Red song trumps it though. http://www.augustburnsred.com/

        Cannot wait for ABR's new album based on the first four tracks released. Devil Wears is going to be choice too.

        Oh man, that new August Burns Red track is slick. Pretty pumped for both albums.

        Agreed. You can hear the production value differences with Adam D on the helm in relation to the TDWP, as opposed to Sturgis. Good to see them trying something different for a change. Should be a jackhammer of a record too.

    The Nursing office printing out 'War and Peace' on the printer behind me...

    For. The. Last. Six. God. Damn. Hours.

    The Cure.

    Been binging since the opera house gig

    I can't stop listening to Sabaton's Coat Of Arms CD at the moment. I'll try and put something else on but I always end up just going back to Coat Of Arms.

    LASERS - Lupe Fiasco
    Shaolin vs Wu-Tang - Raekwon
    Bad meets Evil - Eminem & Royce da 5"9
    Wasting Light - Foo Fighters
    Unplugged - Lil Wayne

    Mainly The Mars Volta, Blind Guardian and a little bit of Slipknot, really looking forward to the coming Blind Guardian gig in Sydney.

    No podcasts, though i've been reading through book III of the Dark Tower series.

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