What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What do you think I'm gonna be playing this weekend? What kinda dumb ass question is this? I've been waiting a goddamn 100 years for my game to be coming out - you think I'm gonna be stuck at home playing Sonic the Hedge-ama-hog? Hell no.

So yeah - in addition to playing my very own video game, which is in stores now - actually it was in-stores yesterday thanks to those no-good sons-a-bitches over at Toys R Us and EB Games, but I digress.

Anyway - I was saying - this weekend, in addition to playing my own game, I'll be playing your sister, your mum. Hell, even your Grandma if she puts on that nice dress she has.

But... [sigh]what are you playing this weekend?


    Couple of big games of age of empires II with my neighbour.

      Is she a naughty neighbour?

      Dude! Do you play over gameranger at all? I've got a couple of buddies and we hit it up a couple of times a week.

    Since the -log has been disabled in the full version, and the console commandline hasn't been cracked yet, I probably won't be playing Duke Nukem this weekend... Although no matter how many times I tell myself that's a lie.

    I doubt I'll be playing it all the way through though, just enough to get a taste... Damnit, I'm playing the whole thing and I just don't want to admit it!

    Otherwise it'll be Red Faction, Witcher 2, more Bad Company 2, or possibly Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

    I have taken all of next week off work just to play games, so I'll probably end up getting all those games completed.

    Same thing I play every weekend Pinky... L.A. Noire, MtG, plus some added 3DS virtual console games. Maybe Outland too.

    I'll be playing 'how many Pigcops can I beat to death while under the influence of steroids and beer'.

    After finishing DN3D again (that's gotta be the fifth time) last week, I'm guessing the number will be about....5000, but my math sucks when I'm under the influence.

    My rental copy of Duke Nukem Forever biatch.

    Hmm good question. SO many games to play.
    Im over the halfway point in vvvvvvv and i have died 1000 times so more death in that game i think. Also plants vs zombies which is really addictive and maybe some trialz HD if i feel up to it.

    I think I'm gonna play me some Barbie Horse Adventures. I've been meaning to finish that for YEARS!

    Wonder what Duke thinks of *them* apples? Yep, I'll be feeding my horses apples.

      Uh... I'm trying not to judge here. But you're not making it easy...

    I can't pick up DNF until next week (at the earliest) so I'll probably being playing duke 3D on the XBLA and crying salty tears of shame.

    Possibly some Crysis 2 multiplayer. Also, my friend loaned me a copy of Brink and it's not terrible.

      Dry your eyes son.

    I am pretty much going to be playing Madden all weekend, got to get my practice in before Madden 12

    other then that will attempt to finish LA Noire but its just so boring I am finding it hard to bring myself to play it anymore!

    Infamous 2.

    and Duke Nukem doesn't use words like 'digress'

      How do you know what words I can say? Maybe I have a college degree? Maybe I ate a dictionary for breakfast, maybe someone swapped out my Van Halen cassette for one a' them Expand your vocabulary things.

    Going to be playing Duke Nukem Forever Duke. Why the hell would I play anything else? Anyone else who wants to play something else can blow it out their ass. 12 years to wait, good to have you back Duke

    Infamous 2, DNF, Hunted, Witcher2, Chaos Rings Omega (thats right, punk)

    My vid card is weaker than a pig cop waiting for execution atm, do it's doubtful i'll be playing duke :( Most likely Mortal Kombat I'd say. Maybe more Secret of Mana

    I'll be playing tonsil hockey with Duke's sister followed by soccer with Duke's nuts.

      Good luck with that kid. My 'sister' is as ugly as shit. And you best make an appointment with the Doc in advance if you want to play soccer with my testicles.

      Everyone knows that Duke's got BALLS OF STEEL.

        I'm going to take Dukes mum, Dorothy Nukem out for a nice steak dinner... and then I will never call her again.

    Duke, I heard your new game sucks major ass.


    Also, inFamous 2 & Starcraft 2.

    Battlefield Bad Company, some Frozen Synapse, and most likely not DNF. Sorry Duke, you're looking worse than an octogenarian's shrivelled testicles after a dip in an icy pool in the Arctic. But I guess that means more twins for you, eh?

    Carmageddon LAN at my house!
    And playing with you, Duke baby.
    Maybe even your game too!

      Carmageddon LAN sounds great!

      Hells yes. Awsome series, around the same time as Duke 3D! It is all coming full circle. They just announced the 4th in the series so I am hoping it will be half decent. Anyone seen anything at E3 about it? Seems like duke's kind of game too...

        Na nothing else heard about it :(
        Yeah, we setup 6 old P4's to run it, with old CRT monitors, just to really feel nostalgic!

    I went to JB's with every intention of buying Duke...
    Instead i got Darksiders and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for $40

    I'm playing with your Balls of Steel (Ed) Duke...

    oh dear.

    Duke Nukem Forever. Because I wasted so much time with your game when I was 10 years old, running the shareware version on my mum's PC. It was THAT game that made me grow my Fistbeard.


    YOU ARE MY GOD! I can only hope to be as manly, badass and fucking ace as you are.

    My pile o' shame was 2-4 games a week ago.

    Now it's > 25.

    I'm going to finish Uncharted tonight (if it kills me!) and then tackle Uncharted 2 over the weekend.

    After that, I have a myriad of franchises to get into (including every Final Fantasy game ever released on any Playstation system, all Metal Gear Solid games, Farenheit and Heavy Rain, Bully: Scholarship Edition [which is REALLY surprisingly fun, better than GTAIV by a mile], KOTOR 2, and I'm sure there are some I've missed)

      Sorry Duke, I just don't care about you.

    Well I just bought DNF, so hopefully that.

    Ace Combat Joint Assault
    Enslaved Odyssey to the West (just started that last night, it is pretty fun)
    Dead Nation
    AC Brotherhood

    DNF... Rift... Dirt 3... Red Faction Armageddon... maybe others...

    finished adding all my games to my ign profile and i have waaaaaay too much to play

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