What Are You Playing This Weekend

What Are You Playing This Weekend

What Are You Playing This WeekendSo yeah. It’s my four-year wedding anniversary this weekend. Games? Probably not going to happen. I’m going away for a weekend trip thing, but I do have mad plans to hide my 3DS in my luggage and play Ocarina of Time when my wife is asleep. Shhh…

I’ve had my copy since the middle of this week, and playing through it again is a strange experience. I had forgotten how irritating the first couple of hours of the game were, but once you get past the stealth section in Hyrule Castle and the world opens up… yes. The game remains awesome.

I still maintain that the game has dated quite a bit – the new updated visuals are great but, understandably, the dungeon and overworld design remains – and it has aged a little.

Still. The nostalgia has me powering through!

What are you guys playing this weekend?


  • If I had a spare $400 to spend I’d pick up a 3DS and Ocarina, but sadly I don’t.

    So I’ll play Red Faction Armageddon and Overlord 1 and 2 this weekend (Picked them up on steam for $5 total, epic purchase for a very enjoyable game).

  • Bit of Crysis 2 MP, continue my current run through of The Witcher and maybe dust of the original Deus Ex again before Human Revolution comes out.

  • A little online RDR also will get back into undead nightmare, I had actually forgotten I had downloaded it. Might try looking at getting the last few New Vegas achievements, though now it is more work than pleasure.

  • If I’m lucky and manage to wrestle the controllers from my husband, I’ll play some more Enslaved: Odyssey To The West. I’ve just about given up on LA Noire now.

  • I achieved nothing from my last week’s goals, so they remain the same. My devastatingly tall pile of shame calls me every day, but I usually just get 5-10 hours on weekend nights (when sleep is optional).

  • I am really struggling to find a game that I want to play atm. I have a huge pile of shame so I think I just need to start on that.

    I think I want to play around with that fun labs kinect thingy if i get a chance, other than that I should finish LA Noire.

    btw congrats on the 4 years Mark. I hit 5 last November so I feel your pain (joy)…

  • LA Noire. Finally got a copy, spent a couple of hours with it last night but I’ll really get cracking this weekend. Very addictive, not the least of which because it dangles a destination carrot then interrupts you five times with dispatch calls before you can get there. Granted, they’re optional, but still!

    I’ve already spent a lot more times in shootouts than I would have originally thought based on reviews/impressions of the game I’ve read elsewhere.

    The interrogation system really is odd… it’s like, in these early crimes I can already figure it out based on the clues and I know what questions I would ask or what actions I would take, but the game doesn’t quite give me that level of freedom so when I go for the doubt/lie options Cole’s actions comapred to my intention are a little jarring to say the least.

    Well, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

  • Going to finish off DNF tonight I think, I just dont get all the hate out there. I am enjoying it and have had a laugh in every session I have had. I might also finish off Crysis 2 and have a go of TF2, this Uber update should be live today I think. Careful with that 3DS on a weekend away dude, I tried that once, almost lost my left nut and was in the doghouse for a week. Do it in the dunny or something, just keep an eye on the time!

  • Another weekend that I have to work afternoon/nights, so gaming time will be limited to the few hours I’m awake before work. However, thanks to EB delivering me my copy OoT 3DS this morning, I will be playing that as much as possible!

  • For me, I’ll be finishing up Dugeon Siege, then a bit of RDR Undead and the I’m hoping to get a bit of Fallout3 in too. Well overdue for anohter playthrough of F3, never got around to doing a neutral run

  • I’ve actually made it one of my goals to get through my pile of shame by year’s end. This weekend is the start of two week’s leave. Once I finish the Halo: Reach weekly challenge I’m going to get cracking on Darksiders.

    I wanted to be playing Shadows of the Damned but my brand new copy from EB was laser-burnt and wouldn’t load up past the first credit roll. My store only got two copies in, so now I have to wait or go to another EB 🙁

  • if my copy of Zelda:OoT arrives form ozgameshop today *Fingers Crossed*…

    …otherwise Terraria, update 1.0.5 came out this morning.

  • Probably finish off Ocarina, I started the Shadow Temple this morning before I got out of bed and got ready for work.

    When that’s done I think I’ll savour the Master Quest for a few weeks during my train journeys rather than rushing through it.

  • Hopefully will get into Mass Effect 1. Seeing as I’ve gone through number 2 almost twice, I figure I owe it to myself to do it right from the start.

  • Might finally finish the tower in Darksiders on apocalyptic, what a pain in the ass. Maybe some Dirt 3 after that.

    Who am I kidding I’m going to way too hungover.

  • I may pick up Shadows of the Damned… but probably not.

    I’ll plow through Duke, Child of Eden, maybe a few Battle Commander matches of Homefront… and I’ll try to finish Portal and Darksiders.

  • I want to get as close to finishing Infamous as I can.

    Batman may or may not happen depending on my mood.

    Demon’s Souls probably will happen. Probably. No promises of Buttercup, because I do have some real life activities planned, but if I have time, it will happen.

  • Frozen Synapse, when I find the time. Rock Paper Shotgun have a community competition running, so need to get my practice in!

    Might go hunting LA Noire achievements too. And, no doubt, some BC2. I guess my wallet is happy.

    • Frozen Synapse is an AMAZING game (which I suck at [No, really, I’m AWFUL {TERRIBLE, in fact!}])

      • It is indeed. Lost most of last night to it practising with a friend playing a game mode we hadn’t played before.

        It destroys your mind with tactics and paranoia, especially in Dark gametypes. The fact you can take your time and it’s like play-by-email greatly appeals to me.

  • I’m hoping that “playing Ocarina Of Time while the wife is asleep” is some sort of strange scottish euphemism we haven’t heard of…..
    I had a copy of Duke in my hands last night, but went home and played Borderlands instead…
    I have also been getting into C&C3 after a budget purchase.

  • Finishing off DNF and more playtime on Outland. Loving the visuals a lot. Very unique.

    On the MP side, Killzone 3. Gonna get the 3 map bundle while the price is ‘low’.

  • Saturday will be Baby Expo 2: A pram too far, but I should get some World of Tanks in in the evening.

    Maybe some New Vegas or Starcraft 2 on Sunday – or HoN if it’s working. Need some more SC2 practice.

  • Don’t let her catch you with Ocarina of Time mate, she’ll unequip your Deku Nuts right smartly.

  • Dirt 3, L.A.Noire (Case 18), Crysis 2 (4 levels to go), Two Worlds 2 (Chapter 3), Infamous 2 (still sealed) and… Zelda 3DS.

  • Don’t know exactly what game I’ll be playing over the weekend, but what I do know is that it’ll be coming from that 1.5 year back catalog/pile of shame that’s on the verge of collapsing

  • I am building my first PC tomorrow. It’s a frankenstein build with parts from 4 different shops. So are there any recommendations for games to buy? I am thinking I will try out The Witcher the enhanced edition and order a boxed copy of Civilization 5 from overseas. Thanks for any advice.

  • I shall be engaging in some PvP games on magicka and probably getting slaughtered, though that will have to be between work shifts :-/

  • Just got back from 5 months in the US where I only played FIFA. Started off this first weekend back with my free download of Infamous and Wipeout HD. Infamous reminded me of why I love games. Now I’ve finished it, I’m off to continue tackling My Player on NBA 2K11 and FINALLY getting to start Mass Effect 2. Finally.

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