What’s In Store?

What’s In Store?

What’s In Store?This is What’s in-store, where we take a regular look at the latest releases, and price match them across the three major specialist retailers in Australia. Who’s the cheapest this week?

NOTE: These are the prices as of Wednesday. If you guys have spotted any other deals, be sure to let us know in the comments below and we’ll update accordingly!

F.3.A.R. GAME: $68 (360/PS3) $64 (PC) EB: $99.95 (360/PS3) $89.95 (PC) JB Hifi: $75 (360/PS3) $65 (PC)

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D GAME: $58 EB: $64 JB Hifi: $54

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition GAME: $68 (360/PS3) EB: $69 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $69 (360/PS3)

Duke Nukem Forever (Standard Edition) GAME: $88 (360/PS3/PC) EB: $109.95 (360/PS3) $99.95 (PC) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3/PC)

Infamous 2 (Standard Edition) GAME: $88 EB: $99 JB Hifi: $79

Dungeon Siege 3 GAME: $94 (360/PS3) $74 (PC) EB: $109.95 (360/PS3) $79.95 (PC) JB Hifi: $99 (360/PS3) $75 (PC)

Red Faction Armageddon GAME: $88 (360/PS3) $78 (PC) EB: $109.95 (360/PS3) $89 (PC) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3) $79 (PC)

DiRT 3 GAME: $87 (360/PS3) $67 (PC) EB: $89 (360/PS3) $80 JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3) $74

L.A. Noire GAME: $88 (360/PS3) EB: $109.90 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3)

COD Black Ops GAME: $98 (360/PS3) EB: $100 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $115 (360/PS3)


    • Could you list big W prices too – They are often cheaper than the big 3 – LA Noir is like $80 there atm

    • I know hey, if only EB had some sort of POLICY that would allow them to alter the PRICE of games, so they could MATCH other stores.

      Oh well, one can only dream…

        • Snap out of it man and get your act together!! What you are talking about is pure fantasy!!!

          So you better drop this fantasy talk otherwise your mother and I will send you to boarding school!

      • I prefer to give my money to those stores that always offer good value for money, not ones that only lower their prices below obscene if you call them on their BS pricing.

        If it weren’t for those other stores, you’d have nothing to price match and be paying ridiculously inflated prices all the time. The only reason I can see anyone having for buying from EB is if there isn’t another store anywhere nearby.

        • there used to be a Gametraders in castle hill, then they got rid of it because towers suck so there is only EB games and sometimes i just go down further to parramatta or blacktown and got to the gametraders or GAME there to buy stuff.

      • They do have a good price match system.. We only have an EB here and they wont price match with game or JB hifi because they dont have stores in my town..

  • Oh JB how you have fallen. Retail is really beyond a joke in Australia these days. I’ll stick with ozgameshop & ebay thanks.

    • Comments like this annoy me at times. I don’t mean any personal disrespect to you ChoM, but it’s easy to trash local stores, without taking into account that there may actually be a reason behind their pricing.

      Ozgameshop.com.au is a great site, don’t get me wrong, but they are so cheap because they are buying direct from suppliers in the UK. Those suppliers are selling the games to them VERY cheaply. Here in Australia, EB+Game+JB, generally buy direct from local distributers who sell them games at ridiculous prices. For example, a new release game in JB that sells for $99 would have cost JB about $74. So when JB is selling a game on release for $79, they are making $5 per game TOPS!

      If the local price from distributers was cheaper, JB would definitely sell them cheaper. I know these facts because I used to manage a games dept. at a JB and completed invoices on a daily basis.

      The problem is not the stores, it’s the cost of goods to the stores. With the current exchange rate, local buy prices from distributers needs to be altered and fall in line with the UK and US. If JB were able to buy games locally at a price similar to that in the UK/US, we would see games for much cheaper at retail. It’s this precise reason that Gametraders import direct from the UK and offer the games at a cheaper price. Whats worse for Gametraders is that if they don’t import, they actually have to buy their stock through a supplier, adding another $10 or so to the cost of goods per game, meaning they can never compete on price. This is because they don’t have deals direct with distributers over here, hence the need to import fromt the UK.

  • nice to see steam or is it Namco Banadi ripping us off for Deus Ex: Human Revolution pre-order now … upped by about $20USD over night or yesterday ….fark!

  • I (finally) picked up LA Noire today. I feel silly because I never got around to picking it up when it was $78, but oh well. Great launch price for FEAR 3, hope it’s still that low next week!

  • http://www.gamesplus.com.au has:

    – F3AR for $54.95 on PC and $66.95 on PS3 and 360
    – LOZ: OoT for $54
    – SSFIV Arcade for $58.95
    – DNF for $72.95 on PC and $84.95 on PS3 and 360
    – Infamous 2 for $77.95
    – Dungeon Siege 3 for $62 on PC and $88 on PS3 and 360
    – RF: Armageddon for $69.95 on PC and $86.95 on PS3 and 360
    – Dirt 3 for $66.95 on PC and $79.95 on PS3 and 360
    – LA Noire for $61 on PS3 and 360
    – CoD: Black Ops for $49.95 for PC and $74.95 on PS3 and 360

  • GAME has a trade deal for zelda which is any 1 3DS game and get zelda for $18 or 2 normal DS games and pay $28, time to get rid of Rabbids 3DS methinks

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