What's In The New Call Of Duty: Black Ops Limited Edition Re-release?


    So in other words $110 for Australians (if you buy at EB, or $89.99 for everyone else)

    Wait, so Activision has gone from releasing the same game every year to literally identical games every half year?


    why is this called an LE re-release? the original LE had the WaW maps and other perks...this has a code for a pack you can buy online.

    I'm assuming this is going to happen with every CoD game then? :\

      You'd think they'd at least do what most other GOTY type editions do and include ALL the DLC.

      I think they mean the re-release itself is a "limited edition". i.e. limited to only 1 of the DLC packs :P

    This smacks like a standard, boring sales boosting tactic.
    It seems to me that this franchise has for a long time only been about making $$$ and not games!

    Am I just getting old and grumpy or am i not alone?

    Yeah your not old and grumpy, I wont get MW3 for the same reasons and because it will suck like the last 2 from game play perspective.
    Michael Bay on rails shooter anyone....
    I will get Battlefield 3 though if it is a good game, one for fun and two to make a point my money goes to the product worth money and not the i'll buy it regardless cash cow activision is pulling.

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